23 Building Blocks Of The BGCB Strategy: How To Build Internet Sales Funnels For Your Own Business

ken1_nKenneth Ford here, Co-Founder of MIMMCO. I finally finished getting the blog post version of my service launch video PLC 3 script done.


And I have the outline of what my ultimate offer will be. So here’s some stuff you can use in your own business. Take action and you will be able to have funnels working for you in 30 days. Take no action, you’ll get no results.


I’m putting the finishing touches on the 4th video scripts for the service launch that I will run in March 2016.


And despite market pressure to do a webinar style launch, I’m going to go ahead with the VSL for now. After all, this is a seed launch.


I decided that I would keep the 1st 3 videos in written script form, and only produce and publish the VSL, or offer video, for the launch.


Because I am stretched thin for production resources right at this moment.


Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the content. Here is the 3rd Video script, which I will make available on PDF with the others in March.


It’s called simply, The 23 Building Blocks of The BGCB strategy: How To Build Internet Sales Funnels For Your Own Business