Creating A Basic Sales Funnel

Creating A Basic Sales Funnel – How To Optimize Conversions

Sales-Funnel-2-AENSDSales Funnel is a term commonly used in sales and marketing to describe the process of converting a visitor or a browser into a prospect and eventually a customer. 

Then once you understand the process you can implement a sales process in your own business. On that day you will have a more healthy and viable business than you have today.

I don’t usually post other marketer’s videos on my page, but I think the simplicity of the explanation justifies this one. Here’s a short video that explains the process for a digital product. Taking things one step at a time is the best way to identify the process in your business.  Read More About Sales Funnel….




Email Marketing In Local Business

the_benefits_of_email_marketingIf you’re marketing or planning to market your business online, you should make sure that email marketing is included in your marketing plan.

Good email sequences can not only sell additional goods and services to existing customers, but they can nurture prospects down your sales funnel to customer status at the same time. Read More About Email Marketing….


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Integrating Internet Marketing WIth Off Line Marketing

6 Proven Tactics For Improving Your Sales Conversion Ratio


CMOs are taking on a huge challenge these days, integrating their on line and off line marketing into seamless sales funnels. Here at MIMMCO, we’ve designed marketing campaigns using both organic and paid traffic to start the conversion process with web visitors who are then closed with a sales call off line.

At the same time, we’ve created many 100% digital sales funnels, which have over time, shown us the precise sequences that help location based businesses increase internet marketing conversion rates. Read More About Integrating Internet Marketing With Off Line Marketing….

Copy To Conversion – How to Turn Visitors Into Buyers

How To Use Copy to Influence Website Visitors

Dan Kennedy is the undisputed heavyweight champion of Direct Marketing. He has over 40 years, sold more product via traditional direct marketing means than perhaps any other business person on the face of the earth. 

Writing Influential Sales Letters For Your Website or traditional marketing media.

In this short video Dan offers one of the most important concepts in digital marketing.

Generating conversions with copy, and the factors that influence the movement of site visitors down the sales funnel. Dan goes deep into the topic, revealing psychological strategy and some technique for creating urgency in your sales copy.Watch the video for a ton of free advice from the reigning patriarch of direct marketing. 

If you’re funnel is broken, you’re not getting the most you can out of your internet marketing. Get a Free Website Audit and Marketing Report From MIMMCO, valued at $997.00.


Landing Page Optimization

The Role Of the Landing Page In Conversions

Adwords quick tip videos are a great free resource for the small business marketing manager, or marketing consultants.landinpage-conversion Google, of course has a vested interest in earning revenue from traffic generation.

But they don’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The advice in this quick tip Video from January 2014, provides solid insight on the need for a properly constructed landing page.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying cash for PPC traffic, SEO traffic or driving it with sweat equity. If you don’t properly optimize your landing pages, you’re losing a ton of money. Read more about conversions.