Integrating Internet Marketing WIth Off Line Marketing

6 Proven Tactics For Improving Your Sales Conversion Ratio


CMOs are taking on a huge challenge these days, integrating their on line and off line marketing into seamless sales funnels. Here at MIMMCO, we’ve designed marketing campaigns using both organic and paid traffic to start the conversion process with web visitors who are then closed with a sales call off line.

At the same time, we’ve created many 100% digital sales funnels, which have over time, shown us the precise sequences that help location based businesses increase internet marketing conversion rates. Read More About Integrating Internet Marketing With Off Line Marketing….

Landing Page Optimization

The Role Of the Landing Page In Conversions

Adwords quick tip videos are a great free resource for the small business marketing manager, or marketing consultants.landinpage-conversion Google, of course has a vested interest in earning revenue from traffic generation.

But they don’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The advice in this quick tip Video from January 2014, provides solid insight on the need for a properly constructed landing page.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying cash for PPC traffic, SEO traffic or driving it with sweat equity. If you don’t properly optimize your landing pages, you’re losing a ton of money. Read more about conversions.

Traffic Generation For Your Business WIth PPC Advertising

Advertising Online – Pay Per Click For Your Business

If you own a business, other online or a traditional brick and mortar based business, you know by now, that you have to create a positive online presence, with your website and Social Media. You also realize that there are billions of websites on the internet today. And in your particular market niche, there may be 100’s of thousands, or even millions of similar websites. Despite the level of competition online, you will want to get targeted traffic for your business online. The task may seem insurmountable, with the volume of websites online today. You may feel as though your customers will never be able to find you through an online search. And of course you know that there are several ways to get your site noticed. Your goal is to get that done quickly. And that is the reason you will want to investigate PPC, Pay Per Click Advertising. Read More About PPC Advertising…


Finding Your Ideal Customers – Online Lead Generation

Finding Your Ideal Customers On The Internet – Online Lead Generation

If you spend any time browsing business web pages a common error that you will notice is the tendency to try and be everything to everyone. There is no effort to focus on a target market, or in 21st century marketing lingo, a market avatar. If you want to generate successful marketing campaigns, one of your primary objectives is going to be to identify that target market avatar. Then you will want to know where they are online, and target your campaigns to focus on putting your content and offers directly in front of them. If you take a branding, or information marketing approach, you will have a much more difficult time reaching the customers you want, who are actually looking to purchase your products or services. Here are some ideas that may help you with reaching your target audience. Read More About Online Lead Generation…

Motivation To Make Money Online

Motivation to Succeed: Why you Need to Make Money Online

There are plenty of reasons to want to make money on line. You might have an offline business, that is not responding to the traditional forms of advertising, so you want to learn to generate business for your offline business online. Or, you may just want to learn the art and science of online marketing for the generation of leads for a network marketing program. Perhaps your reason for online marketing is product creation and sales or the purest form of internet marketing, where the buyer clicks the add to cart button and money is transferred into your Paypal or bank account.

No matter what the basis for your motivation, the primary reason is you want to make more money. Most marketers however, are engaged in some form of offline commerce, and have learned, albeit belatedly, that most of their customers are shopping on line, before they dial the phone or head out the door to buy products or services offline in their community. Read More About Motivation To Make Money Online…