23 Building Blocks Of The BGCB Strategy: How To Build Internet Sales Funnels For Your Own Business

ken1_nKenneth Ford here, Co-Founder of MIMMCO. I finally finished getting the blog post version of my service launch video PLC 3 script done.


And I have the outline of what my ultimate offer will be. So here’s some stuff you can use in your own business. Take action and you will be able to have funnels working for you in 30 days. Take no action, you’ll get no results.


I’m putting the finishing touches on the 4th video scripts for the service launch that I will run in March 2016.


And despite market pressure to do a webinar style launch, I’m going to go ahead with the VSL for now. After all, this is a seed launch.


I decided that I would keep the 1st 3 videos in written script form, and only produce and publish the VSL, or offer video, for the launch.


Because I am stretched thin for production resources right at this moment.


Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the content. Here is the 3rd Video script, which I will make available on PDF with the others in March.


It’s called simply, The 23 Building Blocks of The BGCB strategy: How To Build Internet Sales Funnels For Your Own Business

Growing Your Business Using Digital Technology

Hello, its Ken and I’m the co-Founder of MIMMCO. MIMMCO is  a Traffic and Conversion Agency. We help companies craft online campaigns that get results. 


This is the first of a 3 part blog series on Business growth in the 21st Century. Read More About Growing Your Business Using Digital Technology….



















3 Secrets To a Successful Landing Page

Lead Capture Pages Should Be A Priority On Your Website

webLanding Pages are a big key to a successful lead generation campaign. Dan Kennedy is the man who taught the internet marketing gurus how to use direct marketing online, and I found this short piece on his blog.

A good landing page will help you with lead capture, and there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. Here you can read about 3 Secrets to creating a successful landing page.

If you’re interested in incorporating lead generation on your own website, head over to one of our lead magnets.

Visit the Free Marketing Audit page, right here on our website and put your contact information into the box. In the comment portion write the words “Landing Page” in the box, and we’ll know what you’re curious about.The questionnaire

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Integrating Internet Marketing WIth Off Line Marketing

6 Proven Tactics For Improving Your Sales Conversion Ratio


CMOs are taking on a huge challenge these days, integrating their on line and off line marketing into seamless sales funnels. Here at MIMMCO, we’ve designed marketing campaigns using both organic and paid traffic to start the conversion process with web visitors who are then closed with a sales call off line.

At the same time, we’ve created many 100% digital sales funnels, which have over time, shown us the precise sequences that help location based businesses increase internet marketing conversion rates. Read More About Integrating Internet Marketing With Off Line Marketing….

Copy To Conversion – How to Turn Visitors Into Buyers

How To Use Copy to Influence Website Visitors

Dan Kennedy is the undisputed heavyweight champion of Direct Marketing. He has over 40 years, sold more product via traditional direct marketing means than perhaps any other business person on the face of the earth. 

Writing Influential Sales Letters For Your Website or traditional marketing media.

In this short video Dan offers one of the most important concepts in digital marketing.

Generating conversions with copy, and the factors that influence the movement of site visitors down the sales funnel. Dan goes deep into the topic, revealing psychological strategy and some technique for creating urgency in your sales copy.Watch the video for a ton of free advice from the reigning patriarch of direct marketing. 

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