How Does Google Search Work?

What Is The Purpose of SEO For Your Local Business?

Search engine optimization is a complicated task which can make or break your business’ online marketing effort. In order to perfect your SEO, you first have to understand what it is that drives search results.

Matt Cutts Senior Engineer for Google quality, explains the process that Google’s algorithm goes through to return a search result. There are several factors that go into the formula, and Google is not going to go public with that exact formula anytime soon. While Panda and Penguin algorithm shifts have changed the face of Google search, to ensure that “real” backlinks are counted toward authority, the basic premise is still to gain high authority links pointing to your indexed pages. When Google’s spiders find relevant content, indexed within the billions of pages available for a given search, your page may or may not be found.

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Yelp.Com: Customer Reviews – Social Proof

Yelp_Estimate_toolOne of the great marketing tools employed by practitioners of direct marketering in today’s virtual business environment is social proof.

Marketers have long known that social proof is a key ingredient in an effective sales presentation.

If you have reliable testimonial evidence of the success as a result of the  use of your products or services, you have a leg up on your competition.

One of the hot topics in the review business world these days is  Read More About Yelp….


Defining Reputation Management and Why It’s Important

Reputation Marketing, Reputation Management and Branding

Why is Reputation important to corporations large and small in 2015? 

Dr. Elliot Schreiber ., clinical professor of marketing and executive director of LeBow College’s Center for Corporate Reputation Management, connects the relation between economic conditions and the corporate emphasis on reputation.


Reputation Marketing: The 5 Star Objective:

Reputation marketing is a new concept barely touched on by Dr. Schreiber, but of paramount importance to location based business. Especially in their internet marketing. If the connection between reputation management and reputation marketing eludes you, do a simple search on your business category in Google, and see how your company looks to commercial searcher.

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Getting Started with AdWords

Basic PPC Terms & Analysis – Google Adwords Hangout


Google Adwords presents a basic course on using Adwords for your business. Topics of conversation include terminology, and basic technical analysis. The speakers include keyword research, keyword structure and keyword type.

As well as teaching concepts like quality score, relevancy, click through rates (CTR), ad rank and quality score and their influence on bid costs. The search and display networks are both introduced.

If you’re not strong in statistical analysis, copy writing, site development and landing page creation, you may wish to outsource your PPC advertising.

Especially if you don’t want to pay the Google learning curve penalties associated with mismanaging your ppc campaigns.

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How To Improve Your Local Internet Marketing

getting_on_google_local_business_searchInternet Marketing is an easy way to generate new business for a local business or service provider. In fact, its not too bad for driving repeat business either.

How To Be Found on Google Local

And if you want to grow your local business in 2015, the chances are that you can get new customers cheaper on line, than using any other media available for your advertising.

It doesn’t matter what level of competition you face in your city, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been marketing online. Read More About How To Improve Your Local Internet Marketing….