Landing Page Optimization

The Role Of the Landing Page In Conversions

Adwords quick tip videos are a great free resource for the small business marketing manager, or marketing consultants.landinpage-conversion Google, of course has a vested interest in earning revenue from traffic generation.

But they don’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The advice in this quick tip Video from January 2014, provides solid insight on the need for a properly constructed landing page.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying cash for PPC traffic, SEO traffic or driving it with sweat equity. If you don’t properly optimize your landing pages, you’re losing a ton of money. Read more about conversions.

Google Penguin, Panda, & Hummingbird

Google Panda

Having your business visible online is essential for a successful internet marketing campaign.

When you engage a marketing company for their SEO Services, you want to land in the top 3 positions on the Google organic search results.  

That will help you  grab your fair share of the traffic in your keyword phrase spread. A number one spot on Google search is considered a great success.

There are literally billions of websites on line today. Each of them are competing for the top positions in Google organic search in their category.

And Google is conscious of their presence. These companies spend time and money updating their sites. The most successful companies combine SEO and Paid search strategies.

At the same time they are generating off page Search Engine Optimization, they are running  Google adwords advertising, in order to dominate the first page of google queries. As a result, their ideal customer can find them quickly online.

In order to make sense of the search chaos, Google created search algorithms with the intention of returning the best content for each search query.

Since March of 2011, Google has updated their search algorithm with aptly named program titles, including Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

The objective of these algorithm updates is to make sure that high-ranking websites are not only spam free, but represent existing entities, as well as having unique, high quality content

 Read More about Google  Penguin & Panda…


Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

How Many Potential Sales Do You Lose When You Don’t Have Mobile Visibility?


Recent developments in tablet and smart phone technology has resulted in an important trend in internet marketing. Some experts believe that mobile devices will move past desktops and laptops to become the predominant primary point of web access by the close of 2013.

Odds are better than even, that your customers are regularly communicating with you over their iPhone, Android or tablet. Current market research indicates that over 80% of smart phone users surf online with their phones. Furthermore, joint studies by Nielsen Ratings and Google revealed that 77% of mobile device searches occur when laptops and desktops are also immediately accessible. Read More About Website Mobile Optimized….


Integrated Internet Marketing For Local St. Louis Business

How To Create Successful Internet Marketing Campaigns For Your Local Business

marketing-campaignThe rapid growth and evolution of internet marketing has created a situation that is not easy for local business owners to decipher.

New technology and strategy has made it more difficult to decide on a plan for your business to succeed in its internet marketing effort.

Internet Marketing Agencies have sprung up from the ashes of the “post recession” economy, like mushrooms on a sloping cow pasture after a steady 24 hour spring rain.

And these marketers are pushing commodity based sales in order to capture market share, further confusing the issue for local business owners. Often times they push commodities without the experiential frame of reference to determine whether that digital item fits your overall marketing effort.

Business owners are building their marketing on a piece meal “best price” basis, that in the end wastes more money than it saves.

Many business owners have had a negative experience with internet marketing, or internet marketing agents.
That disappointment is largely a result of either false expectations, or poor project management or poor marketing strategy or failure of execution. Read More About Integrated Internet Marketing…



SEO (Off Page) After The Spring 2013 Algorithm Updates

Phantom (Panda) – Penguin Updates

MIMMCO professionals have been tracking the effects of the recent Phantom and Penguin 2.0 Updates. The updates were completed on May 8th and 22nd, 2013, respectively. And it effected quite a number, 2.3% of the websites, hosted in the United States. We had several client sites take a hit for linking and content strategies utilized by former SEO companies, who were simply gaming Google for loopholes that were available at the time.

For the non-technical types, the updates addressed content and back link strategies, with the Phantom update appearing to augment the Panda downgrade of poor quality content. Meanwhile, Penguin 2.0 penalized sites for keyword anchor text back linking from poor quality or irrelevant websites. While the first edition of Penguin seemed to concentrate on links pointing to the website home page, 2.0 has carried that examination throughout the entire structure of your site.  Read more about SEO (Off Page) After The Spring 2013 Algorithm Updates…