The Business Growth Campaign Blueprint: The Product Launch Funnel

growthHello folks, I’m Kenneth Ford, co-founder of MIMMCO. This is the second blog post/video script of our 4 part training series and it’s finally ready to publish.


Lili is putting the finishing touches on illustrating the post. And We are ready to cut the raw video this weekend.


The preparation for these posts has taken a bit longer than I thought it would.


We are producing everything for this new marketing sequence, the copy, the funnel pages, the response triggered auto responder sequence and the videos.


We’re doing them all in house, and Lili as the in house technical expert on everything, is stretched a bit thin.


But we’re expecting to roll out a finished launch sequence for our group mastermind offer, by the beginning of 2016. Here’s the new training piece, The Business Growth Campaign Blueprint: The Product Launch Funnel.