Internet Marketing Analytical Services


At MIMMCO we pride ourselves in maintaining the cutting edge of analytical services for our clients. If you can not test and measure your internet marketing efforts, you can not improve them. Testing and analysis is a major focal point of the failure of many internet marketing campaigns. With that point considered to be irrefutable, there are several steps many business people need to take to begin to realize a return on their investment in internet marketing.


At MIMMCO, we use proprietary internet marketing analytical tools, to determine exactly what weaknesses you have in your on line marketing. We analyze your sales funnel, from landing pages to your autoresponder sequence. We analyze your traffic, from PPC and SEO, as well as their activity once they land on your pages.


From our initial analysis, we develop a series of questions for which we need a response from your company, in order to develop a custom, integrated, methodical approach to internet marketing for your company, in your market niche, with your budget in mind. We will outline the steps you need to take to succeed, and then implement them, in a common sense approach to online advertising. We accomplish this mission with a focus on the ability to analyze and improve the process as we move forward in developing your internet marketing.


If you’re ready to move past the fragmented, unscientific approach to internet marketing currently practiced by most brick and mortar businesses who are online today, make sure you contact MIMMCO, by visiting our website at and push the get started button to initiate contact and put your fractured internet marketing campaigns in your rear view mirror.