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Mass IM Media Company’s services are presented in a flash PPT video. Mass Internet Marketing Media Co. is capable of providing a variety of services to local businesses, who wish to enhance their online presence. You can improve your position on Google, and your company’s visibility online, using just a few simple techniques, regardless of the competition you face locally. If you would like to enhance your company’s sales revenue, locally or internationally, Mass IM Media Co. has a strategy to accomplish your goals, and increase your sales.

9 Strategies to Grow and Maintain an Email Subscriber’s List

Creation and Maintenance of your Subscriber’s lists

Once you have established an email subscription list, you have to work to grow and maintain it. The strategies for obtaining opt ins are many, However, you can lose a significant number of email subscribers between opt outs and email address changes. As much as a third of more of your list can roll over on a yearly basis, so it is imperative that you have a strategy for constantly loading new subscribers into the front of your sales funnel, and growing your list.Read More About 9 Strategies to Grow and Maintain an Email Subscriber’s List…



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An Introduction

Hi,  my Name is Kenneth Ford, and I am the Founding co-Owner of Mass Internet Marketing, now called, MIMMCO. We started our internet  marketing efforts in October of 2008, developing online resources for my offline business, while operating an active in home insurance sales practice that I ran across 5 states. When I started in the business, it was part time and I initiated the process in order to find a way to increase my prospect lists for insurance. I first mastered the concepts of Facebook CPC marketing, and then I began building websites and developing a web presence on a full time basis in September of 2009. Read more About Mass IM Media Co…