23 Building Blocks Of The BGCB Strategy: How To Build Internet Sales Funnels For Your Own Business

3Hello and welcome to video # 3, I’m Kenneth Ford, Co-Founder of MIMMCO in Hyannis, MA.

And in this video script, we’re going to show you how simple it is to build BGCB style marketing campaigns in your own business.

So you can create new cash flows from your digital marketing, within the next several weeks. If you’re willing to put in the effort to get it done.

But if you didn’t get a chance to see the first 2 videos in the series you should head on back and watch them.  

It’s important that you see those videos, because I explained the over-riding concept of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy starting in video #1.

In the first video, I talked about the 7 steps you need to take in your business to start building your business growth campaigns.7-steps-to-seo-success

Then I gave details and scripts for building out your product launch funnel in video #2. I showed you how I quickly built a sole proprietor financial service brokerage up to over $30,000/ month using Jeff Walker style PLF techniques. And I did it in under 6 months, from scratch.

The product launch funnel is the most versatile marketing sequence in digital marketing.

And I outlined in detail how to get started with the PLF process. Making it easy to get started using the strategy in your own business right away.

The first 2 videos really are required viewing for anyone who wants to start or grow their business using BGCB digital marketing tactics.

So you should go ahead and watch those videos, in order, so you get the whole picture of the BGCB strategy. There’s no worries, we’ll still be right here waiting for you when you come back.

There’s a link to those videos at the top of this page.

images (5)Okay so this video is all about moving Your business forward, by building out your own BGCB offers.

The reason we’re creating this video training series, is to help you and your business become a bigger player, a better competitor in your market.

Helping more Entrepreneurs to reach your own vision of success is the main reason that we continue working on the craft that I’ve spent nearly 30 years in mastering.

Entrepreneurs are the reason for America’s global success, and they continue to provide the fuel for the world’s economy.

The financial future of both our country and our planet depends on the success of individual entrepreneurs.

When you consider Our creative energy as a Global group, entrepreneurs have never been more productive than than they are right now, today.

 So we’ve joined the fight along with you, to make sure that your business legacy is strong and lasts well beyond your years in building the process for success.

That way what you build can be passed along, or sold, and can continue to produce positive results for as long as someone is working the process.

Helping You make Your business a success is the impact and the legacy that I work to make for myself in the world.

Don’t take me wrong, of course I love making money. But the big “Reason Why” I go to the keyboard every morning, is to help as many of you business owners as I can, in your effort to have a greater impact in your market. And having that impact on your business, will produce the rewards I seek.

That’s why I’m really excited about sharing our BGCB strategy with you. And it’s why I’m pumped up to share the 23 Building Blocks that create your BGCB funnels. 

Once you understand how the basic parts of a funnel fit together, you’re going to be building your own BGCB funnels in no time.

The Simplicity Of Digital Marketing

What I’m going to show you with this video, is the ease with which these marketing campaigns can quickly become a cash flowing part of your business plan.

I am going to show you the 23 simple building blocks you can snap together like Lincoln Logs to build your BGCB funnels.

And then I’ll show you some of the simple tools that you can use to quickly create your business growth campaign funnels. Without worrying about technology and the expense of building new web pages.

So you can see exactly how easy it will be for you to get your own Business Growth Campaigns up and running in the next 30 – 60 days.

Which Path Will You Take?

There are many digital campaign templates and strategies available for you to test and use in your business. So we’re not going to try and cover all of the templates here in this video/blog series.

We’re going to quickly walk you through the pieces of the puzzle that you need to build your Sales and marketing funnels.

And quickly touch on the technology that you can use to easily create the marketing funnels on your own or with limited technical help.

We’re not going to be able to cover everything you need here in complete detail, but we’ll get you the reader’s digest condensed version.

Because quite frankly time is getting short, and it’s just about time to start our next BGCB group mastermind class.

There’s a lot of meat in this video, but you don’t have to know or do everything we’ll demonstrate here, in your business.

But there’s no need to worry about overwhelm, the tools we’ll show you make it quick and easy to build your campaign pages, literally in minutes.

So make sure you grab the pdf transcript just below the video. That’ll make it easy for you to make some notes and refer back to the important sections of the video.

Because by now you know that you need to get a BGCB marketing funnel launched in your business.

Every successful brand, every successful business, every successful product and every successful political campaign is kick started with a BGCB style launch.

You don’t want to start your business growing slowly. And you don’t want to count on “Hope Marketing”.

Hope marketing is where you end up devoting all your effort to the creation or fulfillment of your product or service. And then you just hope that somehow people buy it.

You need to build your business for success. You need to launch a properly structured BGCB style campaign to make sure that you get the momentum you need to succeed.

If you follow my blueprint, and get the core parts of your funnels right, you don’t have to be perfect. You can make mistakes. Because you have the time to react to weaknesses that you find in your BGCB campaigns.

Nobody creates a perfect campaign. No one executes a perfect launch.

But the value and relationships you build in publishing your campaign sequence will keep you from failing.

Because the BGCB strategy is all about giving your prospects what they want. Connecting with your prospects and customers and providing great value.

It’s about providing your solution with integrity, without hype or exaggeration, and in a way that produces a load of new revenue for your business.

Okay, Let’s talk about the 23 building blocks in the BGCB strategy.



PreFrame Bridge Qualify Subscribers Qualify Buyers Identify Buyers in Heat
Quiz Squeeze Page Free+Shipping Bumps
Article Pop-up Trial One Time Offers
News Squeeze Pop Tripwire Downsales
Blog Free+Shipping 2 Steps Self Liquidating Offer Affiliate Recommendation
Video Webinar Registration Straight Sale
Email Free Account
Presell Page Exit Pop

funnelLike I said before, I think of sales and building marketing funnels kind of like playing with Lincoln Logs, which were essentially building block templates designed for kids to build American frontier style buildings and scenes.

I imagine there’s this big box of Lincoln Log building blocks, and I can put them together any way I want in order to get the best results.

If you want to get someone to join your list, you might use a double opt in or an exit pop up. If you want to make a high-value sale, you can add a manual step like a phone call or face to face consultation.

If you’re not getting the results you want, but you know you have all the right pieces, you might just rearrange the blocks and see what happens.

This is the exact same process I teach my $25 thousand clients. I go through each phase of the funnel and plan out the building blocks that will yield the best results for you. Then we build the funnels send traffic to them and test to see how well they convert.

Sometimes we hit the jackpot right off the bat. But often we need to tweak copy, and move the blocks around a bit.

For example, we might change some headline copy or create a video. Then we’ll test the combination with cold traffic again.

The process is the same as the way direct response marketers have created business income for over a hundred years: Try it. Test it. Tweak it.

And start all over again.

There are essentially two kinds of building block sets. You can buy the blocks and create your own designs using your imagination, free hand.

Or you can buy special pre designed sets that give you the pieces you need to build specific projects. Some of the tools on the market now give you all blocks you need as well as the templets we normally advise using.

And all you have to do is pick which templet you want to build and click a button and fill in the forms.

Right now I’m going to show you twenty-three of the most effective building blocks for your sales funnels. You will find that certain blocks work better at 455656_741ccertain points on your Value Ladder, but remember, they are just blocks.

You can move the blocks around as you please. Markets respond according to a wide variety of factors. What works well in my business might need a little tweaking in yours.

The twenty-three blocks I use most often are best used at specific times during four specific phases in the funnel sequence:

These phases include the pre-frame, qualify subscribers, qualify buyers, and identify hyperactive buyers sequence. Remember, these four responses happen in sequence at the point of sale.

Any time you sell anything through a funnel (which should be most of the time), you’re going to move your buyer through this response sequence.

Okay, let’s get started.

PRE-FRAME Your Solution

Here are the building blocks we use primarily for pre-framing. Remember, the objective for a pre-frame is to warm up the prospects and to engage them in your parade of interest. So they are at the correct point of interest, or frame of mind to be most receptive to your offer.

Presell Pages: Oftentimes you need to teach your prospects before it makes sense for you to make an offer to them. Some marketers refer to the process as 3 the T’s, Teach, Transform and Transact.

A presell page can come in many forms, and it can tell a story or teach a lesson about a particular circumstance.

It’s usually a longer article than a standard blog post. And it’s used to provide information or education that your prospects might need, in order to fully understand what it takes to solve to the problem they want to take care of.

Once your prospects have this information, they are in the right frame of mind to understand and buy your offer.

For instance, maybe you sell POS software, but some of your

prospects don’t know what POS is or why their businesses might need it.

Drive those browsers to a presell page on your website that explains exactly how POS software helps grow their businesses. Use the PAS copy template in all of your content. Add your call to action, which takes them to your product offer.

This strategy works well for cold traffic. When a person is in the initial stage of investigation. You can use your pre-sell pages to warm the prospect up before redirecting them over to your sales page.

Surveys: Surveys are our new favorite pre-frame tool. If you click on a digital text or image ad, it’s difficult to escape all the surveys.

You can use surveys as a key component of your market research when you set them up on the top of your sales funnels.

The questions you ask can uncover important data. You get the additional benefit of getting people engaged with your brand at the same time.

To get a great pre-frame, you want to catch prospects as they’re beginning to think about a problem in their current circumstance.

And they’re starting to think of ways to change that situation. You help them by prodding them in the same direction they want to go, making it the next step in your funnel.

You Agitate the problem that your business solves for them. Use the survey questions to help them remember how much they hate the fat on their belly or wasting time with unqualified prospects. One technique I love to use is to frame the first question like this:


Fig 1: A simple pre-frame survey is a great tool to use in a two-step opt in.

If you gate the survey results and require people to opt-in to get them, you can kill two birds with one stone. Your prospect will have moved through 2 of the 4 response indicators. The pre-frame and the qualify subscriber phases.

You can also send them to a survey as a required qualification step after they opt-in. That is a technique that high value service providers find exceptionally helpful. And it will accomplish the same mission as a response gate.

Then you move them to the next step in your funnel. There you try and convert them into buyers by making an immediate offer after they opts-in to your list. There you try and qualify or convert them, as  buyers.

You can do this by making a tripwire offer on the same thank you page on which you acknowledge their subscription.

Or a straight sale offer on the same thank you page. Either response initiates an unique email sequence follow up series. We’re straying from the survey point a bit, but you need to get a feel for the flow of the 4 phases, and the type of pages you need on your website to make the physical funnel work.

Once your prospects have made an initial purchase, the likelihood of your new customer ascending your value ladder increases significantly.

Now back to the survey idea, you may be wondering how many questions to include and how to get people to stay with your survey all the way to the end.

We like to use short three or four question surveys. And we number each one so that the prospects know how much they have left to go (Question 1 of 4, Question 2 of 4 …).

Some companies use up to 20 or more questions in their surveys with incredible success. Just like everything else, this is something you may want to test out to determine what is right for your particular market.

Another great reason to use surveys is that you can segment your audience according to their answers. You might ask, “Do you have a business revenue goal for 2016?”

Then you segment your list according to the responses on your survey. With sophisticated survey programs, you can even have the subsequent questions match the segments.

Your next question to the “revenue goal” segment of responders might be, “How much revenue do you want to generate?” Then offer answer choices like $1k – $5K/week, $10 – $25K/week, $25 – $50K/Week.

How does this help you sell more of your stuff?  If you know what their revenue objectives are, you can pitch them exactly the right type of solution to help them reach their goal. Give your prospects exactly what they want and need. While you’re gaining the reputation for presenting qualified, responsible solutions.

Also, if you know the survey taker has a defined goal, the ad on the next page can represent a person who has already reached that goal. The survey helps you segment your buyers, as well as pre-frame your offer.


FIG 2: Surveys are good tools to engage your audience and get them into a good frame of mind for your offer page.

Articles: We like to use articles for pre-framing cold traffic we drive from PPC or banner ads. These can be articles on your website, but some would argue that they’re more effective if they appear on another authority site. It’s like a third-party endorsement. Here’s how it works.

Visitors click your link and land on a page with a pre-frame article.

It might include a case study or testimonials about how your company helped people in solving a specific problem. It may be an article about how your product works.

Or it might not have anything to do with your solution specifically.

Instead, it sets up a problem that the prospect is trying to fix. And then you agitate the problem and finally, provide a solution for that problem.

Then you make a call to action somewhere on the page. A call to action is simply where you ask the reader to raise their hand in interest: click here for a free report, subscribe today, get your free sample, Click Here.

In an article, the call to action can be a simple link included in the text, a big button at the bottom of the article, a banner with a link, or a combination of these.

Now, these days, you need to be ethical when you use this strategy. For a while, many Internet marketers used this technique successfully with fake news sites and fake blogs that they controlled under a pseudonym.

Both the FTC and the search engines effectively cracked down on that tactic. And you really don’t want to be on the bad side of any of those outfits.

You can write, or have written, legitimate  pre frame articles and post them on legitimate websites. Including your own.

You can also make friends with relevant website webmasters or owners and make arrangements to publish on their web site. Then use the offsite article as the landing page people will see when they click on your ad.

Press Releases: Anytime you make news or have or sponsor an event that is perceived as news, it gets more attention than other reading material. The search engines are also treating news releases favorably.

Our brains are programmed to pay special attention to anything that might be threatening. And we as humans have a pre programmed response to gain, authority and other newsworthy influence triggers as well.

That’s why headlines on the evening news are pitched as “Special Alert” or “Breaking News Update.”

The headlines are crafted to “hook” our attention and convince us that a developing event is sure to change the world as we know it.

 If your pre-frame information is related somehow to a current news story, (or presented as a news story) you’ll automatically get a bump in traffic for as long as that story continues to be trending in the news.

For example, if you manage to tie your message to an upcoming election people will see the connection and pay more attention to you as a result.

The more attention you get, the higher your perceived position of authority becomes.

The downside of using the news release strategy is that the surge in reader activity can be short lived.

But the upside can be a massive surge in traffic while the story is trending.

You can also design your landing page so that it looks like a news page. You might have a special bar displaying a headline, or a news paper style 2 or 3 column page style.

Professional marketers have found that formatting their content to look like news can increase their credibility and help pre-frame their offers. Don’t over use this strategy, but use the strategy where it makes sense. Be ethical. Tell the truth.

download (4)

Fig 3: Press Releases build Authority.

Blogs: A blog post can effectively pre-frame just about any commercial or ideological topic.

If you’re working in a crowded industry where many competitors all provide basically the same solution, you could write a blog post exposing problems common to every company in the market niche.

And then demonstrate how your company is different and able to handle the problem. Preferably using one form or another of social proof to support your claims.

You can write the article yourself and post it on your own blog.

But you’ll probably get better results if you post it on somebody else’s blog. It’s best to  post on an authority, high-traffic blog with a lot of visitors interested in your category of expertise.

Better still, try to have the blog author post the article in their name so that you are not tied to it at all. Then you link and make a call to action to your offer.

You can easily target and drive Facebook traffic to your blog post (and pixel the visitors) to get them warmed up.

Videos: YouTube style videos make great pre-frame content, especially for testimonials, and pre-sell information.

Your video, like any other type of pre frame content, should identify and agitate problems that your target prospects are experiencing in some part of their lives.

Or educate them on some process or idea. The objective of the video is to make your prospects seek the solution that you offer. Then offer that solution.

Then you include a call to action that prompts your prospects to move to your offer page. The calls to action might be links in the description or comments, , or even text annotations or buttons embedded in the video.

Email: Pre-framing your offers with email will work well with your own qualified list, when you buy a solo ad of interested prospects, or when you recruit JV partners to endorse your offer to their relevant lists.

It doesn’t matter to whose list you’re promoting your offers. You’re using their established relationship with their list to pre-frame you as a reliable resource. And/Or, to pre-frame your offer as a great solution to one of their problems.

When the prospect reads your pre-frame email, the call to action is a link in the email body that readers can click that redirects to your offer.

In old school direct (snail) mail marketing, this is done with what’s called a lift letter, where the owner of the list writes an introductory letter. In this letter he tells his people how awesome you are and how your solution will improve their lives


The next response indicator in your funnel is where you qualify your subscribers. Remember the goal here is simply to get people to opt-in to your list, or take a free offer you’ve put in front of them.

You’re filtering the casual browsers from the people who will trade their email addresses in return for more or your valuable content.

Pop-Ups: Remember years ago when those annoying little boxes popped up on your screen almost every time you searched in Gogle or visited a website?

Congratulations! You’re the 5000th visitor, you just won … some random garbage.” They were annoying as all get out, but they converted visitors into subscribers to your list like crazy.

Pop-up and ad blockers made this tactic almost obsolete for years. But over the last several years new internal pop-ups have been created that can’t be blocked easily, and these pop-ups are a good tool for building a list in many situations.

The only significant problem with the new pop up technology is that some advertisers (Google and Facebook) won’t approve ads that redirect to pages with pop-ups. So this method doesn’t work all the time, but pop-ups can be powerful tools under the right circumstances.


Fig 5: Pop-ups can still be effective if you use them carefully.

Squeeze Page: The squeeze page is still the simplest and most effective way to qualify your new subscribers.

Squeeze pages were developed as a technique to increase subscribers without pop-ups.

Ironically the most effective squeeze pages today are a form of on demand pop-up known as the 2 step opt in form.

Anyway, a squeeze page is a simple page that requires visitors to give you their contact information to get access to something that you’ll deliver on the thank you page (i.e., a free report or a free video).

The only choices on the squeeze page are to subscribe or leave. The magic of a squeeze page is in the complete lack of distractions. There are no ads to look at and no navigation menu tabs to click.

Page visitors are forced to react to the message you want to give them. And they’re compelled to make a decision: either give you their contact points or leave the page(bounce).

images (6)

Fig 6: A Simple Squeeze Page Gives the visitor no options. Subscribe, or bounce. So the headline is KEY.

Squeeze Pop-Up: A squeeze pop-up is a contact form that you control via click response, to get people to join your list via your website.

When they click on the link that initiates the action, up pops a squeeze-page-style contact form. When your visitors give you their contact points, they are taken to your thank you page. Where they receive our opt in offer and get an initial purchase offer.

On your thank you page, you acknowledge and thank them for their action, and make a tripwire or free offer to move towards the next response.

Squeeze pop-ups work great because you can put them in places where you traditionally wouldn’t be able to get opt-ins, like pre-sell pages.

download (5)

Fig 7: Squeeze-pop-ups combine a clickable button with a pop-up web contact form. This type of opt in form is working like gangbusters right now.

Free-Plus-Shipping: This type of web sequence combines the first 2 response indicators, the “qualify subscribers” and the “qualify buyers” responses.

The squeeze page offer qualifies subscribers by collecting contact information. The order page converts the prospect, it qualifies buyers by capturing credit card information. The charges are usually designated to cover shipping.


Fig 8: A two-step web form allows you to collect a name and email address during step one and credit card and other detailed information on step two.

Anyone who fills out step one of this form is automatically added to an email list and is qualified as a subscriber—even if he doesn’t fill out step two.

Webinar Registration Form: We advise using free webinars to generate leads in some business niches.

When prospects sign-up for your webinar, they have to give you their email addresses so you can send them the webinar details.

If it’s a recorded, automated webinar, your subscribers can  pick which day and time they want to watch. fill in their information, and it’s done! A new subscriber is on your list. And because they signed up for a webinar, they’ll  be expecting your email.

Free Account: Signing prospects up for a free account works very well with cloud based software and membership offers.

Providing items of high perceived value is a fantastic incentive for your prospects to become customers. 

When you create a membership site, or a “restricted” version of your software application, and give it to people for free in exchange for their contact information, they are added to your subscriber list.

Most of the time, these pages are similar to order pages, and because your prospects are actually “creating an account,” you can gather more information, like phone number, name, address, and credit card information, without seeing a drop in conversion rate.

Exit Pop-Ups: Exit pop-ups appear when visitors click off of your website.. It asks if they’re sure they really want to leave without subscribing in exchange for your offer.

Once visitors click off your site, they’ll probably never come back. So, you can take the risk of annoying them a little bit with an exit pop. It could be your last chance to engage and communicate with them.


Qualifying buyers simply means getting your prospects to make an initial purchase. Because the first purchase is the most difficult one to get.

To that end, it’s best to offer something of high perceived value for a low price.  That will make it easier for you to drive buyers up your value ladder quickly. Here are our best converting tactics:

Free-Plus-Shipping: The expert market is flush with “Free Book” for shipping offers. The reason is that it converts like crazy.

When you have physical product like a book, or a cool branded pocket tool and you give it away for free, it is perfect bait for qualifying buyers.

Once they’ve committed to receive the free book, or pocket knife, it’s a no brainier to fill out the sales form that charges the shipping to them, converting them to buyers. We feel like this tactic is the best way in some markets to qualify your subscribers as buyers.

Trial:  Offering a free or very low-cost trial is another great way to get prospects to raise their hands and become buyers. The easiest and most popular trial is offered for one dollar.

Then, you bill them 7 – 14 days later for the full retail price. To receive the trial, a visitor has to enter their credit card into your sales form proving they are a buyer. And making the retail billing more likely.

The tactic works great with digital products. And it worked like gangbusters for Columbia House and Reader’s Digest for most of the 20th Century.

Tripwire: A Tripwire is a small, low priced offer relative to the larger market. It’s primarily used to get buyers in your door. They’re usually a “splinter” off of your core product or part of a bundle of services.

For example, if you have a multi-module information product, you could splinter off one module like Ryan Deiss does with Digital Marketer Labs, and offer it for $7.

The product has a high perceived value and converts like crazy. These can be physical products or digital downloads, depending on what your business offers.

Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO): You can use any product from a tripwire to a quality entry level product or even a core product in a SLO.

You may not have a positive ROI from the first level of sales in a SLO, but you will make it up on the upsells, down sells and cross-sells.

The ultimate goal is to have front end sales fund the ad campaign, but you have to have strong front end conversions to meet that objective. When you succeed in funding your cost of advertising with your front end funnel, your upsells are pure profit.

Straight Sale:  This one is Just like it sounds. It’s just a sale of one of your core product offers, at retail.

You’ll usually work a little harder to convert these offers. So we usually only pitch these products to a warm market. Or we include a fully developed email follow up series to nurture these prospects along the parade of interest. Generally these are value ladder ascent campaigns.

What Should I Sell Today?

Most business owners we talk to ask us what type of offer they should use to qualify new buyers. Most of the time, we like to use the free-plus-shipping or a SLO tripwire offer to qualify our buyers.

But it doesn’t always work the way we think it’s going to. Sometimes you create an offer that doesn’t work, so you change the offer.

Occasionally when you simply change to another building block or sequence, you’ll find out you really do have a winner. Other times you may have to improve your headline copy, or build more value in your offer to get it working.

You have to test each of your product offers. Market niches respond differently, so do a good job with your market research to make sure you can make a profit with your offers.


To figure out which customers are hyperactive buyers at the point of sale, I need to offer an upsell immediately after I qualify them with a low-cost or free offer. Here are my favorite ways to do that:

Bumps:  Thank you page Upsells and down sells will dominate the revenue streams of most digital marketing operations in 2016.

 Add on offers are similar to retail impulse offers. Just like what you see at the grocery store cash register.

With a quick call to action headline a subtitle and a checkbox, we can quickly get a 10 – 40% bump in sales revenue right at the point of sale. Imagine what automated impulse buying can do for your business.

One-Time Offers (OTOs): When a prospect completes a purchase from any frontend offer, you can make them a special, one-time offer. The OTO works best when the product enhances the initial purchase.

You can make two or three additional offers to buyers after they convert, making sure that the OTOs adds value to the product.

Down Sells: When a buyer rejects your OTO, there’s no advantage in giving up, you can down sell a payment plan or a less expensive product. Using the same technique, pitching on the thank you page, as any other post purchase offer. If the buyer says no to the OTO, you can downsell them with either a less expensive product or a payment plan option on your core offer. Don’t give up just because they said no to paying retail all at once. Often we find that up to 20% of people who say no to the special offer will say yes to a payment-plan version on a down sell.

Affiliate Cross Sales:  You can significantly increase your profit margins by offering Relevant complimentary affiliate products is another great tactic you can use on your thank you page after your entire initial sequence is finished.

These offers are typically made with a call to action on the bottom of your thank you page.

We will usually thank buyers for ordering and then link to other offers that are going to help them reach their resolution faster, or with more convenience.

Software Solutions For Building BGCB Funnel Pages

There are a lot of simple, inexpensive tools that you can use to build your BGCB marketing funnels. You can use OptimizePress, Ontra pages, Profit Builder or Lead Pages and your own website for your preframe and qualify subscribers pages.

Infusionsoft integrates incredibly well both as a lead capture and follow up system, as well as supporting your monetization strategy.

Infusionsoft is easy to interface your merchant accounts for order and thank you pages. It allows you at the same time to include Survey Monkey or similar survey software to the top of your funnel for prospect segregation and market research.

There are other email and CRM programs that you can us, but if you’re going to monetize your website at any level, we’d like to see a more versatile program than Infusionsoft.

ClickFunnels is a fully integrated software program that has templates for every page in your funnel pre built and templated for optimal conversion. All you have to do is add effective copy. And if you’re at least semi-conscious at any level, you can find some add copy that converts without hiring an agency.

No matter which tools you use to build out your funnels, you can quickly create sales funnels, if you can fill out an online order form.

And now you know all the pieces of the puzzle that you need, and the exact sequence you need to build them. So you’re ready to create your first campaigns and your BGCB schedule for 2016.

You can physically build a BGCB campaign in ten minutes, after you’ve created the copy and content you’re going to use to make it run. And that means you can quickly be on the path to making a bigger footprint in your market than you are right now. Your imagination is the only obstacle in the way of your business’ success. But it may not be the only thing holding your back.

SO now I want to talk about the things that hold you back in business, the obstacles you’re facing right now that stop you from putting BGCB style funnels to work in your business right now.

Since I started working as an advisor with other business owners in 1999, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners. Some of them have done amazingly well, making millions of dollars year in and year out. And others never had a chance to make it. Here are some of the things that I noted about the people who struggled. They let their excuses become their masters.

What are the challenges you’re going to have to face to grow your business successfully?

Most of the strategies we use include using your email list. So if you’re a business owner who hasn’t yet made the effort to collect and segment your prospect and customer contact information, the tendency to resist changing is going to be tough for you to overcome.

Some of you have built your prospect and customer lists, but are not marketing to them effectively. You haven’t taken the next steps in building out responsive automated sales communication.

It’s okay, nobody starts out with a list, you have to start building one to make the strategies most effective, but no on starts with a huge list.

You don’t have a to have a huge list for the BGCB strategies to work. Your offers will convert at a higher rate when you target your prospects accurately. And your follow up responds to a prospect’s actions or lack of action.

You don’t have to know everything about email marketing to get started, you need to get started to improve. And if you have started you need to start improving.

Once you start making adjustments, you can’t help but get better. No one starts out with a perfect list.  But you can almost certainly change your business by improving how you work with yours.

Okay so moving right along, a lot of people say Ken these strategies work for you, you’ve been testing them for 10 years, I’m not an expert, it won’t work for me. If you look around your market the people perceived as experts earned that perception by running a marketing campaign, often a PLF type of launch funnel.

You do want to gain authority.

And you do want to assume that position as an expert, because your life will be easier when you have gained that position.

One of the objections I hear from business owners more frequently than others is “It may work for the service you sell, but it won’t work in my market…”  I’m happy to debate that idea with anybody who brings it out, because we have seen our strategy work in most markets.

In fact if you work in a market other than the make money or business growth niche, it works even better than it does in the big make money niches.

When you’re not in the marketing or business growth niches, it’s even easier to get Business Growth campaigns working.

If you’re teaching specialized dog training, or micro-gardening, your prospects are not as aware of the tactics you are using to influence them.

So it’s a lot easier for you to use mental triggers to frame your prospects and convert them into buyers.

Because there’s so many offers in the business growth niche that you don’t know who’s for real and who’s full of crap.

When you market to the make money or business growth niches your prospects may be more aware of the tactics of influence that you are using to persuade them.

So it’s easy to show you examples of niches that BGCB style campaigns in a variety of niches that are not related to marketing. Name an information business category, and we can almost always show you a successful campaign that’s running online right now.

The same holds true for main street business, retail and specialty and professional services too.

The next obstacle is “I don’t live in the USA, it won’t work in my country.” 

No matter where you live your prospects are going to be human! That means they are influenced by KLT, by the relationship you have with them.

And they’re going to be influenced by the mental triggers we’ve been talking about since the first video.

No matter where you live, Reciprocity is going to work. No matter where you live, social proof is going to work. And no matter where you live authority is going to work to help you influence your prospects. We’ve used the strategy successfully on all 7 continents.

My product is not high priced. Some bigger markets have lower price points, but they have more beginners, more buyers than gurus.

There are more students of MMA right now than there are contenders in the UFC. There’s a High turnover rate in beginners , in most skilled .

The price for working with a MMA instructor privately on a monthly basis is going to be more than for group lessons. But there’s more buyers at the group level. You need more sales at lower price points but you can still make a lot of money even though your pricing is low for your product or service. Owning the product or service you’re selling is key in low priced markets.

It won’t work for me. And this one is actually for real. Because whether you think you can accomplish something, or you think you can’t, you’re right. People have mental baggage that we can’t change. Start at the beginning, and take a step at a time. You have to suspend your disbelief.

Out of my comfort zone. Almost everything good comes out of stepping out of your comfort zone.

My position is to help you have a bigger vision for yourself. You have to decide if you want to play a bigger role in your market. You have to decide to step outside of your comfort zone. Baby steps. Or, jump right on it…

I love to see business owners find their mojo, improve their position and their brand, while they supercharge their money making machine.

Using the marketing strategies that you’re going to get rolling in your business this year.

Seque to the close

So that’s the basis of my marketing philosophy. I know there’s a lot of material in the 3 video scripts I’ve given you, and there’s a whole lot more that we can cover.

What you need to realize first off is that you don’t have to know or use everything we talk about in our digital marketing training, or in our masterminds. But what we would like for you to accomplish is to find the digital strategy that you’re comfortable with and that works for you in your marketplace.

Even the most sophisticated marketing wunderkinds pick and choose the parts of the strategy that they’re going to use.

But the most important part of you becoming successful in your digital marketing is for you to start using digital marketing to your advantage in your business. You have to take action, or nothing will change.

I can confidently tell you that the sequences we teach in the BGCB mastermind classes work. They have worked in nearly every market in nearly every country on the planet. Selling just about any kind of product that you can think of. You just have to follow the formula.

Now I gotta tell you that making this video series has been an incredible experience for me.

Your feedback has been so important to the development of these videos. It was easy to find my sweet spot, and talk about the science that I love.

And it was less easy to decide exactly how to talk about it. The entire series has been created by in house MIMMCO staff.

So if You’re ready to join us in building your business to get to your optimal lifestyle, if you’re ready to integrate BGCB principles into your business, I’m going to be starting a BGCB mastermind class in just a few days, where we’re going to help each of you build your first BGCB funnel over a 4 week period.

I’ll be joined by other marketing experts in leading you through the process step by step, of creating your own custom built digital marketing campaigns, that’ll help transform your business into the power house you want it to be.

The way that this works is like a college course. I’m going to open registration, enroll a mastermind class, then close registration, launch the membership site and start the mastermind sessions.

The next video is going to be all about moving forward, we’re going to give you all the details about the mastermind class, and how you can become a part of it. We’re planning on creating a Digital Information Product out of the mastermind sessions, so everyone who joins us there can be a part of the effort.

So look for that video in the next week or so. And in the meantime, scroll down and leave me a comment below the video. It would be great to hear about your BGCB plans for your business.

Leave us a comment below, if you please, and hit that FB like button!

But most important leave a comment. I’ve been reading every comment and responding to most of them, and it’s been awesome to hear your feedback Fade to the SCROLL DOWN BELOW THE VIDEO AND LEAVE A COMMENT screen.

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