The Business Growth Campaign Blueprint: The Product Launch Funnel

growthHello folks, I’m Kenneth Ford, co-founder of MIMMCO. This is the second blog post/video script of our 4 part training series and it’s finally ready to publish. 


Lili is putting the finishing touches on illustrating the post. And We are ready to cut the raw video this weekend. 


The preparation for these posts has taken a bit longer than I thought it would. 


We are producing everything for this new marketing sequence, the copy, the funnel pages, the response triggered auto responder sequence and the videos. 


We’re doing them all in house, and Lili as the in house technical expert on everything, is stretched a bit thin. 


But we’re expecting to roll out a finished launch sequence for our group mastermind offer, by the beginning of 2016. Here’s the new training piece:


Business Growth Campaign Blueprint:The Product Launch Funnel



Hello again welcome to video # 2, this is Kenneth Ford, Co-Founder of MIMMCO in Hyannis, MA.


I built my first $ Million Business in 1991.


And I’ve built 4 more-million-dollar startups since then.


In this video training series I’m going to show you how to use a “Guru Proven”, 7 step Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy, to Transform Your Business or Practice into the Cash Manufacturing Machine you’ve been dreaming about, within the next 12 months.


We’re going to cover a lot of material in this 2nd video, so be sure to go below the video and grab the pdf transcript. So you can make some notes and keep pace with what I think will be an enjoyable video for you.


But if you didn’t see the first video in the series you should head back and watch it. There’s a link to that video at the top of this page.


It’s important that you see that 1st video, because I explained the overarching concept of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy.


I talked about the 7 steps you need to take in your business to start building your growth campaigns.


And I outlined how to get started with the process. Making it easy to begin using the strategies in your own business right away. You should have that important frame of reference before you see this second video.


I’ll still be here waiting for you after you watch the first video, and you’ll have a better grasp of the concepts I am teaching.


Creating Your  Business Growth Campaigns


All Right, so let’s talk about the business growth campaigns that you need to launch to grow your own business.


Every successful brand, every successful business, every successful product, every successful political campaign is launched with a sequenced marketing campaign. Because well-structured campaigns create momentum and sales for your business, right off the bat.


You don’t want to have a slow start in any promotion of your business.




A slow start will not end well for you. Starting slow is the beginning of a long, painful business failure. A failure that you don’t want to be a part of.


Let’s face it, if you’re on my video training page, you probably fit into one of a couple categories.


You either have a business already and you want to start to use digital marketing technology to scale and leverage that business. Or you haven’t got any, or are getting poor results with your marketing campaigns right now.


You want to Improve your sales numbers. You want to broaden your offer mix. You want to enter new markets. Or you want to scale quickly as you grow.


Finally, You could be just starting your business and you want to launch quickly.


Launch Your Marketing Campaigns


You know that starting with a properly structured marketing campaign can get your business, or your new business category launch rolling in new money right out of the gate.


It doesn’t matter which of these situations you fall into. Launching a sequenced marketing campaign will work for your business, no matter what kind of sales process you’re running with today.


With a thriving business growing nearly on autopilot, you gain the Freedom to choose the lifestyle that you want to live.


You can build your business to serve your lifestyle and your passions. And at the same time, serve your financial goals…


I can identify with any of these motivations for success, because I’ve been motivated by financial and emotional objectives, in growing my own businesses.


Applying Digital Marketing to Traditional Offline Markets


I discovered the power of using digital marketing campaign funnels sort of by accident.


I was trying to grow an independent financial services brokerage from scratch, way back in January 2006. And I needed to ramp up the revenue to accommodate two 6 figure salaries, fast.


…Or, the terrorists would win…


Now I’m in a different place, I’m not desperate to make money. I really enjoy helping other business owners get what they want from their business and their lives.


Since I began consulting with business owners back in 1999, my clients and I have learned to deploy digital marketing technology.


And over the last 15 years the digital marketing technologies that our companies have learned to harness have increased the freedom we have to enjoy our own lives and businesses.


New Sales Without New Foot Traffic


I knew from the minute I made my first completely digital online sale, that the internet was the most awesome force that had ever been dropped in to the entrepreneur’s media toolkit.


It’s technology’s greatest gift to entrepreneurs like you and me, in the history of business.


And its greatest gift is in the automation or near automation of the marketing and sales functions in your business. Letting you turn your business into an automated cash printing machine.


Main Street Business Basics


When I opened D & K Hockey in May of 1991, there were many more obstacles getting in your way, making it more challenging to start a new business.


You had to write a business plan. You had to find money to capitalize your idea. You had to ask the town you planned to open your business in for permission to operate your business.


You had to set up your physical place of business. You had to invest in inventory and the tools and equipment to run your business.


You had to hire staff to help you with the operations. And then you could finally get your doors open and start making some sales.


Increasing Your Sales Without Increasing Your Overhead


The internet has changed all that, making it easier than it ever has been for you to start or grow your business.


You can literally get a business started over night. Using nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. These are the glory days for marketing innovation.


The tools for selling your products and services online have evolved to make it as easy as filling in some basic forms to build your automated selling machine.


I’ll talk more about the tools in video 3, where we outline the technology of the business growth campaign strategy.


It’s a No Holds Barred Free For All…


But there’s a down side to that ease of access and the lower resistance to starting your business that goes along with it.


It’s also easier for your competitors to get started and grow their businesses.


That means that there’s no better time for you to get started launching or growing your business than right now, while the opportunity is still red hot.


And that’s why you can’t rely on what direct marketers call Hope Marketing.


You know you’re better off gaining momentum by launching a marketing campaign. Getting your business growth campaigns started and running so you have a reliable income stream flowing.


Because we’ve all seen what happens when business owners just set their products up for sale in their market without any promotion.


Relying on the hope that people will find their business and start to buy their products or services.


You never want to rely on “hope” that your marketing will work.


You know what hope marketing is? You’ve seen business owners build out a restaurant or a store in a bad location to save a few bucks on rent.


And you’ve seen hundreds of examples of people trying to release a product or service online using free social media posts, or a cookie cutter website that they don’t control.


They just “release” their product, and hope that business will come. By virtue of the viral marketing fairy, or the free traffic troll.


Just like Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams”, they hear a voice that says “build it and they will come”…


But unfortunately for the “wantraprenuers”, That line only works out according to plan in Hollywood movie scripts.


The script on main street is a little more raw….and unforgiving…


Those businesses who dare to launch without a plan just fade away into the sunset, never rising, never becoming that life sustaining cash machine.


There isn’t going to be any super hero flying to your rescue, when your business is getting eaten alive by your competition.


Hope marketing is the leading cause of death for small businesses.


You need to have a plan, a formula, a campaign blueprint for successful marketing ready to plug into your business plan, from weeks before the day you open your doors for business. Until the Day You Shut It Down For Good…


The cure for hope marketing is a well planned, custom crafted, Business Growth Campaign.


Sales Is Not A Four Letter Word


profitThere are a lot of business owners who are not comfortable with marketing and sales.


You may well have spent most of your career learning how to deliver your product or service. And now that you’re running your own business you have added the burden of managing the business.


You might be thinking that someone else can market the product for you, so that you can concentrate on operations and administration.


Maybe you’re bringing the best possible quality product to your marketplace. And you’re thinking it should just about sell itself.


You don’t want to come across looking like a used car salesman. Or worse still, a pink sheets stock broker.


Maybe you’re just not sure what services or products you should be promoting in your business right now. Or maybe you’re not sure technically how to promote your offers.


Online or off.


If you don’t have a crystal clear plan to bring in and convert new prospects into customers, and sell more to your current customers, if you don’t get your marketing figured out, then at some point in time, you won’t have to worry about your business taking up all your time.


You can’t start slowly and survive. You’ll have cash flow problems. You’ll never gain momentum. Your business will just wither away and die.


Maybe you won’t be joining the business failure statistics next week, but you’ll be on your way to the loser’s bracket.


And from then on, you’re on borrowed time…


The fact is, you wouldn’t be watching my video/reading my post) if you weren’t ready to step up and grow your business faster than it’s growing right now.


You know you have something great to offer the market and you want to make a bigger footprint than your competitors’. So that you can create the business and the lifestyle of your dreams.


Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out you want to show up and play a bigger role in your market.


Sequenced marketing campaigns are the path that you can use to take your product to the market without spewing hype and slime, or being weird in the process.


At some point in early 2016, We’ll be offering a mastermind marketing campaign creation focus group. And I hope that you can join me in one of my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint programs. From Guided DIY to done for you.

But whether you join me or not, believe me there’s no big secret to turning your business into a money making machine. The key ingredients are in your sales and marketing formula.


There is no victory in taking a timid approach to your market. You have to be promoting something in your product mix at all times to keep your business growing constantly.


Like I said before, you’re either growing or you’re dying, there’s really no in between.


How do You know that the BGCB strategy works?


You may be wondering whether the BGCB strategy works, Or whether it’ll work for your business.


I know that the process works as a result of hard earned experience. I followed the paths that were blazed by marketing legends like Dan Kennedy, Jeff Walker and Ryan Deiss.


I’ve used these tactics in my own business over the last quarter century.


And Jeff Walker’s PLF clients alone account for over $500 million in sales over the last 10 years. M client companies have accounted for 10’s of millions in sales over the last six years.


So What’s My Story?


D & K Hockey Launch, The Ford Financial Comeback, and The Portal to The Twilight Zone:


I had an awesome start to my career as an entrepreneur, way back in the spring of ’91.


I quit my corporate gig as an Account Executive with Ford/New Holland, just minutes short of getting canned.


Because I had spent the majority of my working time the last six months in the Dilbert cube plotting my exit strategy. Writing the business plan to launch my first physical location business.


I Formed Ford Enterprises, with my father as President, Myself as VP/Operations and we worked my business plan.


Our first brick and mortar business was a retail sporting goods store in consumer retail. We called it D & K Hockey and Inline.


We started with a single physical location, selling hockey and inline hockey equipment in Central suburban St. Louis, a little town by the name of Brentwood, MO.


I built that retail hockey and inline equipment store right in the parking lot of the (NHL) St. Louis Blues ice hockey training facility.


A rink that hosted every amateur player in the region at one point or another in the hockey year..


And we sold $1.8 million in hockey and inline gear, out of a 1500 square foot facility in our first full year of operation.


The method that we used to roll that business out of the starting block was what is now known as a classic product launch sequence. A process coined by Jeff Walker in 2005.


Except we didn’t have the internet as a part of the advertising delivery media, we used other methods to generate pre-launch buzz about our new business.


The reason that business exploded out of the gate was a whole lot more than just the physical location itself.


We took a page from Dan Kennedy’s magnetic marketing program, (which was taught as an old school direct marketing course in those days).


And we ran a sequenced direct mail campaign, straight to the hottest segment of the market.


We bought the USA hockey list for the St. Louis region. A list that included the player’s names and addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.


And we sent laser targeted offer letters to the entire USA Hockey list to build anticipation and promote our new store.


We repeated the process quarterly throughout the life of the company, promoting product lines, leagues and training programs.


And those little direct mail campaigns proved the power of the direct marketing concepts I had until then learned about in books, and as an observer of corporate marketing campaigns.


Our sales letters were delivered by the postman. We didn’t have a digital software option for direct marketing at the time.


Email was available, but sending 3,000 email messages out of a hotmail account by hand was not the strategy we decided to roll with.


I ran a pre- launch series of teaser offers to the USA Hockey list. And I built anticipation for the store opening.


Using direct mail, branded exterior signage and a construction site that we left open for public viewing.


There were hundreds of hungry hockey buyers watching us build out the space and load in the new season’s hockey gear that April.


And that helped generate anticipation for our June 1, 1991 opening.


We sold that business at a value more than 15X what we invested to start it, in 1997. After enjoying 6 straight years at over $1.5 million in annual revenue.


And then we repeated the process, in 4 other market niches over the next 25 years.


We didn’t integrate digital technology into our business until our third business startup after the successful D & K launch, in 2006.


A Difficult Transition


In 2006 I formed a financial services business, called “AIET, Inc.” with a producing partner in association with a national Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) in Johnson City, TN.


And my partner and I wanted to reduce our personal cold prospecting time


We stumbled onto a process I now call by it’s common name, the 3 part application funnel, sort of by accident.


Breaking Into B2B Sales: Working The “Walk And Talk”


When I started working in the financial services industry, we were taught to sell our products to business owners using door to door cold calling as our primary marketing strategy.


The Shoe Leather Express…


We knew that spending more time closing sales than we spent looking for clients would increase our income quickly


The first 3 months we worked together, we spent working to reduce our cold call prospecting time.


Compiling lists of existing customers and creating new prospect lists from outsourced list building resources, as well as our own cold prospecting effort.


We used an old CRM standard software called ACT to build our databases.


We started out our digital effort by gathering internet leads that we bought from a variety of marketing companies to build our prospect pipeline.


The top part of our funnel now included a digital marketing component.


Once we acquired a confirmed prospect, and the full demographic data set that we needed to provide them an accurate price quote, we moved them over to a manual phone call sequence.


Then either me or my partner would set the prospect up to close on a second phone call. The partner who didn’t handle the setup call would handle the closing call as the “President” or “Vice President” of the company.


We ramped that business up to well over $20K/month in commission income in under six months.


But that business came tumbling down after events in July of 2006, when my 21-year-old son passed away and I failed to keep up with my duties at work in the weeks and months that followed.


By the 1st of September in 2006, that business was a part of history.


The Fast Track Back To Sittin’ Tall In The Saddle


It took me a while to make a comeback. But I had seen the potential of the worlds oldest affiliate marketing business, I knew that I could come back and make a lot of money fast.


I wasn’t finished with that adventure quite yet.


The second time I launched my brokerage business, I had a clearly defined path to success that included a fully digitally integrated marketing plan.


And I knew it would be okay. Because I had the advantage of a business growth campaign blueprint that I had proven in beta, 12 months before. I had a launch strategy that I could model for success.


When I started re-building the brokerage business in August of 2007, I drafted a launch schedule that included the construction of my first money making website. It took 4 months to get that Joomla template up and running.


My First  Digital Sales Funnel


By January of 2008, I had created the lead generation component of the 3 Part application funnel.


I drove traffic to my lead capture page with Facebook PPC. I sent those visitors to a quote engine page gated with an opt in form.


I was getting clicks on my Facebook adds for less than $.10/click using a simple question like, “Are You Paying Too Much Money For Health Insurance?”, displayed with a relevant picture.


I traded multiple carrier health or life insurance quotes for contact information. And I reduced my cost of lead acquisition to less than $1/lead.


Those numbers are tough to get to these days. Facebook seems to like $.50/click, no matter the market. So you have to aim a lot better these days to get $1 leads.


I built that business back up quickly, reaching the $360K/Year pace by February 2008, 6 months after my initial re-launch.


At the same time I reduced overhead, replacing a full salaried partner with a $16/lead setup telemarketing firm.


As long as I promoted that business I was able to maintain a 15X ROI on my marketing budget. Using a series of Jeff Walker style stacked promotional sequences and a 3 part application sales funnel.


That’s what this video training series is all about. You have to launch and re-launch your promotional campaigns to keep your business growing.


It’s about more than what you do over the next 90 days in sales. It’s about what you do for the next number of years.


Where is your business going to be three years from now? Are you going to meet your business income growth projections?


Is There A Light At The End of The Tunnel?


Are you going to be able to leverage your position as a business owner and set yourself free from the daily grind of operating your business?


This video series is meant to show you a path to business freedom.


I’m going to show you exactly how to build a product launch marketing funnel in your business. I had planned on showing you 3 of the 7 marketing funnels that we use regularly on line here on this video.


But I’m afraid we don’t have the time and space for that. And since we’re bound by time limits, I’m going to demonstrate the product launch funnel.


Because the product launch template can be used over and over in your business to increase your cash flow.


And one of the 8 different launch types will nearly always fit your marketing needs. So I’m going to concentrate on the basic product launch funnel template structure for you here.


I think its the most important funnel you can learn to use to grow your business.


It’s the funnel that changed the digital marketing world, what Jeff Walker calls the Product Launch Formula.


The product Launch funnel is the most flexible of the digital marketing templates available  to use in your business.


The Product Launch Funnel: Why It Works


The Product Launch Funnel was created by Jeff Walker. He created the Product Launch Formula in 2005, and since then, just about every digital marketer in almost every niche has used this funnel in some way in their business.


And thousands of main street marketers have found a place for the product launch funnel in their businesses too.


Because the process works for just about every business category, with the possible exception of emergency services like locksmiths and emergency plumbers.


In fact the product launch funnel has accounted for over $500 Million in sales and counting, just among Jeff’s clients in the 10 years since it was originally launched.


In most cases, your prospects go through a well-defined investigative path when they start looking for a solution like yours, for the problems they have in their lives.


The Parade Of Interest


First your prospects want to figure out Why they’re in their current situation. Next, they start to learn What they can do to change that circumstance. Then they seek to determine How to fix their problem. And then finally, they’re ready to make a change in their lives right Now.


And if your marketing is right, you can bring them in anywhere during the parade of interest including the NOW phase.


And that is when your solution should be the dominant image on their radar.


Some marketers call the act of moving prospects down this parade of interest the “Moses Method”


How The Product Launch Funnel Works…


Basically, you’re breaking up your sales presentation over four pieces of content using a problem, agitate, solve copy format in what Jeff calls the “sideways sales letter”.


In most cases these days video is used as the content of choice for the pre launch content and offer. But it can be blog posts, emails, or even old school direct marketing via snail mail.


This funnel converts best when you’re sending the content to warm and hot traffic. So, in most cases you’re emailing your own list or a Joint Venture partner’s list with links to the content.


So the first step again to this tactic, is to start or continue building your prospect and customer lists.


This Product Launch Funnel is broken down into four pieces of content:


PLC #1 “The Big Promise”.


The big promise is crafted to “hook” your prospects with a big idea, and then show them “how” you and others are using this concept to change the circumstance, or fix the problem they want to solve. You start to teach your solution and establish authority in the first piece of content.


PLC #2 “Transformation And Education”.


You demonstrate the successful use of your solution, and you future cast the positive change in their lives When using your solution.


PLC #3 “The Ownership Experience”


Like a test drive at the car dealership, PLC #3 is where you try and provide your prospect the “Ownership Experience”. It’s where you show viewers how their life will improve when they have implemented your solution in their lives.


PLC #4 “The Offer”


The last piece of content is where you present “The Offer.” You craft your offer, present what your selling in great detail, give the price and tell your prospects what they need to do to get your solution.


The point of the whole launch sequence strategy is to engage as many of the psychological influence triggers as you can through the distribution of the pre-launch content.


And then bring it all together in your sales webinar, phone call, face to face meeting or video sales presentation.


So let’s have a look at how you can use your content to make sales for your business. These scripts will give you a guideline for what you can use in your content.


Your content can be as long as you need it to be, as long as its interesting and relevant, but I find that the sweet spot for consumption is around ten to twenty minutes.


PLC #1: The Big Promise and How Your Solution Works For Your Prospects


The Big Promise: This is your One Thing; the valuable principle you have promised to teach during these training videos.


How to sell high-value products without having to personally get on the phone.


Kill Myths and Objections: In this section of the script, you dispel any common objections or reasons that your prospects might not believe you.


You may think you have to be a sales expert and spend endless hours on the phone all day to sell high-ticket products, but that’s not how it works anymore. I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple process.


Successful implementation of the process (Content #1):


 In this section you show your prospects how other users have achieved positive results. Tell stories and show case studies.


This is Jane Doe, She is one of our charter clients __________. She did ________________, without


Here’s ___________. “I can’t believe how simple it was to ___________. I did $32,451 in my first ___________.


Hook to Video #2: The Objective is to Build anticipation about the next video.


In the second video, you’re going to discover that you can ___________, without increasing ___________.




Let’s Do It Together: It’s okay if you don’t think you can do it on your own. Let’s go over it together now. You demonstrate how your solution works.


I know it might be hard to believe you can ____________. So, I’m going to show you just how easy it really is. Let’s go over it together right now.


How “I” Do It (Content #2): Here’s how I do it, step by step (just give a brief overview of the steps).


Here’s exactly what I do every time:


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Proof That It Works: Show your successful results, case studies, or other proof.


Here’s how well it works for me …


But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my clients have done


Hook to Video #3: Get them excited for the next video.


Tomorrow, you’ll discover ___________.




Future Pace The Successful Experience: Imagine what your life could be like if you commit to this program.


I want you to take a moment to imagine what would be different in your life if ___________ .


What possibilities would open up for you if ___________?


How would you be different if ___________?


How “YOU” Do It (Content #3): Imagine yourself doing this exact process. Here’s what it would look like.


Now, imagine yourself doing ___________, then ___________, and finally ___________.




Can you see yourself doing this?


In your mind’s eye, it looks pretty simple, right?


Hint to the Offer: Would you like the chance to learn in the fastest, easiest way possible?


We all know reality is usually a little more complicated than our imaginations. But I know this will make a positive change in your life, and I want to see you succeed. That’s why I’m going to help you ___________.


Hook to The Offer Video: In the next video, I’ll show you how you can get results just like these.


Tomorrow, I’m going to show you the fastest and easiest way to ___________.


Your success is closer than you know.




Here’s What We’re Selling: Explain the offer. Build the value in great detail.


I really want to see you succeed. I’ve been where you are, and I know how hard it can seem. That’s why I created_______________.


Here’s what you get …


Here’s What You Can Do with It: Explain how it works.


Here’s how each piece helps you move forward in your business…


Here’s What It will Do for You: Explain the results.


When you follow the steps as I’ve outlined them, here’s what you can expect …


Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now: Explain how to order and what to expect including the delivery media of your product or service.


Just click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure shopping page. In just three clicks from now, you’ll be on your way to ___________.


The Product launch funnel helps you build value and generates buzz about your company and product.


When you learn all the secrets of the Product Launch Formula, you will have a proven campaign blueprint for success.


Wrapping It Up: The Product Launch Funnel is most effective with warm or hot traffic. We usually send people to the videos or other content from a link in an email—either to our own list or to an affiliate or JV partner’s list.


You break down your sales presentations into more easily digestible chunks, delivered over the course of a few days to build up excitement. You teach in the first three pieces of content and then sell your product in the fourth.


Clearly Define An Offer End Date To Create Urgency


Here’s one last detail that you should include in your thought process for your product launch funnels.


You have to set a time limit on your offer in order to inject a sense of urgency or scarcity for your prospects to complete the action that you want them to take.


There is always a spike in sales when it comes down to crunch time in the last few hours of a “Sale”.


That’s how you get your promotional campaigns rolling from scratch. But that’s not the end of the story. You can capitalize on your sales momentum by stacking your launches.


Stacking Your Product Launch Funnels: Playing Small Ball To Get to The Big Time…


Here’s how it works. You start from scratch with a new product or service for your business and run a “seed launch” using your own list of prospects and social connections.


It’s not about making a million dollars when you kick off your seed launch, its about test marketing your product.


You can also use the process to create a digital product out of thin air if you choose to, but that’s a topic for another video series.


Because you’re creating quality content, you start to grow your prospect list quickly. Then you take the product that you proved in the seed launch, and the list you built with it, and you run an “internal launch”.


You write your sideways sales letter, and you promote your prelaunch content to your social following and your seed launch list.


And because you’re putting out great content and offering huge value for free, you get some social buzz rolling. And word of mouth provides social proof. And that adds momentum and helps you grow your list faster.


Your Launch Funnel On Steroids…


The success of your internal launch catches the attention of some business owners who have always been positioned to be great JV partners for your business.


But they never offered to partner with you before, because you weren’t a big enough player to bring any value to the table.


All of a sudden you’re in a position to kick start a Joint Venture launch. And that’s where the Product Launch Funnel drops into over drive.


The Joint Venture Launch


Before you know it you have a couple of powerful partners with big customer lists telling their customers about you, and how awesome you are. Sending those customers to your opt in page and sending your launch list into the geometric growth phase.


When you open the cart on your JV launch your sales are many times what you did in your internal launch.


And you get these results without any real additional content creation work.


You’ve simply redeployed your internal launch content and multiplied your revenue stream.


Of course you’re paying affiliate commissions, but in the end, your results completely blow away the results of your internal launch. That’s launch stacking in a nut shell. Its a quick over view but it’s not the end of the story.


Because the feedback and momentum that you generate from stacking your launches will generate fuel for new ideas, product bundles relaunches and partnerships down the road.


Your only limitation when using the product launch funnel, is your imagination.


In What Kinds of Businesses Will The BGCB Templates Work?


If You’re watching my videos/reading my posts, you probably fall into one of a few categories.


In the first category of viewers, You already have a business. You already have a cash flow. You already have patients, clients or customers who would surely love to have more of what you offer than they’re getting right now.


If you already have a business you’re going to really love the strategy.


Because you can immediately re-engineer and relaunch past promotions to quickly make momentum in your market and get some new blood flowing in your business.


Professionals and Contractors


The Second category of Businesses that the BGCB strategies will work for includes Practitioners and Service businesses, over a broad spectrum of markets.


You work in one of the big money niches, health, Fitness, law, financial services, Real Estate, home improvement or a subcategory of the large markets. In other words, you work with clients.


You can have a really nice business that way but there are only a couple of ways that you can create time leverage with that model.


You can hire associates who have some part or all of your practical skill set. And then market your business effectively enough to keep all of your associates working at full capacity. All of whom make you a profit on their efforts.


You can increase your income by increasing your work hours. Not really the most practical formula for building your business….


Or you can find a way to partially or completely disconnect your income from the hours that you spend at work.


What if you could create a product or service that your business didn’t have to hand deliver? And then you did a product launch and sold your product online?


How would that change your life? Create a product you can sell online, sell more product without working more hours. How would that change your business?


You already have clients, you already have a buyers list. Chances are if you do a good job, your clients would like to have more of you. That’s how the business growth campaign blueprint can work for you.


Business Startup Formula


The third category of business owners that the BGCB strategies will work for are those folks who are just getting started. You may not even have a product, a website a list or even an idea about what you want to sell or who you want to sell it to yet.


That’s okay, everybody that has ever started a business started in a similar predicament.


A whole lot of entrepreneur wannabes never make it past the “what kind of business am I going to start?” phase of planning.


It’s very similar to the languishing business owner thinking about “what products or services should I be promoting?”


There’s no better way to get your business going than with a Business Growth Campaign. A Marketing Plan. Business startups need to launch to gain sales momentum right off the bat.


If that’s where you’re starting let me tell you it’s absolutely possible to start a real business, online or off using my BGCB strategy.


Now if you fall into any of these categories, you’re gonna love the next video that I have for you. Its about the technical deployment of the 7 primary marketing campaigns used in the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint.


Product Launch Funnels Work!


There’s power in the sequence of content that you deliver your prospects in a product launch funnel.


You build your position, authority, trust, likability, social proof and as many other triggers of influence as you can organically inject into your marketing over a 10 – 15 day period.


With mastery of the Product Launch Funnel, and the 6 other marketing campaign blueprints included in The BGCB strategy, you will master your digital marketing. And grow your business at will.


Let Me Know What You’re Thinking…


Right now, though, I’d like to check back in with you and get to know a little bit more about you.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this series so far. You don’t need to know it all or do it all in your business. The point of the video is about finding where you are in your business and how to effectively market and grow your business from here.


How would your life change, if you could double your income, while reducing the number of hours you spend in the office?


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“Right Now You Don’t Know Me From Adam…”.


I know right now you’re probably still a little skeptical. You may have never even heard of me until you came to my site.


Because I never had to promote my newest business to get it up and running.


I simply tapped into my own business network and hand selected the clients that I wanted to work with. So this is my first digital service launch since 2008. And it’s in a completely new and highly competitive service niche.


But I do want you to know that you didn’t find me by accident, I put myself where you could find me. Directly in your line of sight.


If you take nothing else away from this video, take this


The Highest Paying ROI Strategies Available To Modern Man


The internet is technology’s greatest gift to business and for entrepreneurs like you and me who have chosen to seize their own destiny, rather than sit and wait while others make things happen.

The obstacles for creating a successful business have never been easier to overcome.

When you work hard to develop winning BGCB funnels, there’s no limit to where you can take your business.


Scroll down below the video and leave a comment for me! This is Kenneth Ford,, and I’m looking forward to another visit in a couple of days for Video #3!


What To Do Next 


The MIMMCO Business Growth Advisory Group has developed a 30 minute Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy session which we conduct over the phone with you and your top staff members. Here’s what we will accomplish together in this fast paced zero nonsense strategy session.


  • Create a crystal clear vision for your “ultimate business success” and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like to have your business provide. And create a custom Blueprinted Path to get you there.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.
  • Leave this strategy session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself.

The 30 minute Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session is conducted by Mr. Ford, The Co-Founder of MIMMCO. Mr. Ford has worked with hundreds of companies in several business categories including professional services, financial services, high end retail, attorneys, authors, musicians, contractors, physicians and dentists on 3 continents.


Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence that Mr. Ford can supply in a 30 minute time span. There is no charge for the call, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.


This consultation will typically take place within one week of you completing our pre call business questionnaire that will be emailed to you after entering your contact information on the request your free Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session page.


Once you’ve completed the survey, we’ll evaluate your answers and research your market to determine whether you can qualify for the Free session. Once we determine that we are 100% certain that we can help your business reach your objectives, we’ll send you a scheduling link via email where you can select the time for your Free Custom Crafted Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session.


Thanks for taking the time to read my Video Script. Make sure you take advantage of your Free Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy session where we’ll make a plan to grow YOUR business.