Creating A Basic Sales Funnel

Creating A Basic Sales Funnel – How To Optimize Conversions

Sales-Funnel-2-AENSDSales Funnel is a term commonly used in sales and marketing to describe the process of converting a visitor or a browser into a prospect and eventually a customer. 

Then once you understand the process you can implement a sales process in your own business. On that day you will have a more healthy and viable business than you have today.

I don’t usually post other marketer’s videos on my page, but I think the simplicity of the explanation justifies this one. Here’s a short video that explains the process for a digital product. Taking things one step at a time is the best way to identify the process in your business. 

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aecFirst off, you have to drive traffic to your offer pages. Next, you have to measure the traffic that lands on your website accurately.

And you also have to be aware of your visitor’s behavior once they land on your site.

Unless you can clearly track the source of each action taken on your website accurately, you can’t determine if and where your sales process is broken.

And as simple as that sounds, sometimes businesses make it more difficult than it has to be.

As the name Sales Funnel implies, you start with a large number of prospective customers and weed out the unlikely prospects one step at a time.

The mission is to physically move the shopper down the process from shopper to prospect to lead and then customer in a conscious manner.

If you can’t get incremental conversions, get visitors to your site, and then get some of those visitors onto your prospect list, onto your phone or through your front door, you won’t make a lot of sales from your internet marketing.

In today’s digital marketing funnel, retargeting prospects at the bottom of the funnel is as important as initial market research is for the top end of the funnel.

Because its become harder and harder to get that first conversion, where a visitor raises their hand and tells you “yes, I am interested in your content”.

You have to understand the numbers all the way down the funnel. Starting from the initial click on the search results page to a redirection via a squeeze page, then to a sales presentation and finally to a sale. That means you need accurate measurement of all website visitors.

Track all Your Site’s Visitors

A good way of tracking all your website visitors is to pixel their browser when they visit yourpessoa-lupa-3d-pequena-12386782 site.

Pixeling your visitors with a unique code on each page they visit, allows you to segment your visitors by their implied interest. And it also allows you to track their movement and present your offers to them on different platforms as they browse the web.

Whether they decide to opt in to your subscriber list or not…

Then you can follow up with each category of customer by writing and implementing a unique follow up sequence.

Each advertisement, email or phone call sequence is designed for prospects who make it to a certain point in the process, up to and including an abandoned sales cart, or an unsigned contract on your sales manager’s desk.

Once your prospects become customers, your promotional options change.

download (14)Follow up is just as important as a strong initial offer when you are converting a first time customer.

Reliable research shows that most customers require 7 communication attempts, or “touches”, before they will make an initial purchase with your company.

Whether the entire Sales sequence is done online or from online to offline or some combination of both doesn’t matter.

You still have to move the prospect through your sales process. And an automated email sequence is the most reliable form of follow up available to a small organization. And it requires the least amount of management.

Small commitments are the easiest to get, until a prospect becomes a customer.

The most crucial step then, is to create a product with low resistance to acquisition, a tripwire. Something cheap, that has value well beyond its price you sell it for.

And then build momentum with that newly acquired customer going forward from that point on.

Once a person has made a purchase from your company the dynamics of the relationship have changed.

There is now a commitment to you from the customer, and you can work to expand that relationship.

Once you understand the sales process you can build an automated portion of your sales machine online.

If you’re not expert at building the machine, or you don’t have the time to learn copywriting and web design, it may make some sense to get professional help.

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