Growing Your Business Using Digital Technology

Hello, its Ken and I’m the co-Founder of MIMMCO. MIMMCO is  a Traffic and Conversion Agency. We help companies craft online campaigns that get results. 

This is the first of a 3 part blog series on Business growth in the 21st Century.


Foundations of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint.

I’m Kenneth Ford, I’m the co-founder of MIMMCO.  I Built my first $ Million business in 1991.  And I’ve built 4 more $ million startups since then.

In this blog and video training series, I’m going to show you how to use a “Guru Proven”, 7 step Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy, to Transform Your Business or Practice into the Cash Machine You’ve Been Dreaming About, Within The Next 12 Months.

Here’s The Deal…Structured, sequenced marketing campaigns have completely revolutionized the way that business is getting done in the 21st century.

Fact Is, most successful brands in the world are using structured, sequenced promotional campaigns to launch and grow their businesses.

Just watch the way that Apple, The Hollywood film industry, the car companies and the electronic gaming companies roll out their new product. Building anticipation and demand before their product is ever available to buy.

That’s because structured business growth campaigns generate immediate momentum and sales, on demand.

Structured marketing campaigns don’t just work for those giant mega billion dollar companies.

The Business Growth Campaign Blueprint model works for high value service companies, Main street location based businesses and even the one man/woman operation. It works for business Owners like you and me who have an appetite for growing their business.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog series. So I can share the core Strategies and tactics of my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint with you. So you can get this kind of direct marketing firepower working in your business.

Without having to put in years of work to learn how to do it all on your own.

Or paying the $ millions in salaries, commissions and bonuses that a professional marketing department would cost to develop internally.

I’ve got a lot of material I want to cover in this first video, so get ready to make some notes. Go ahead and download the pdf guide below the video to help you keep pace. 

Here’s ‘the deal. I don’t claim to be the inventor of all the strategies and tactics that I use to grow businesses.

In fact, it took me years of study and practical application to learn how to bring all the parts of the strategy I’m teaching together. I figured these tactics out Selling all kinds of goods and services face to face and on the phone with prospects.

Then I spent a few more years learning the technical processes to bring the blueprint to the digital world.

I’m standing on the shoulders of Giants, like Dan Kennedy, Louis Engel, Ryan Deiss and Jeff Walker when I teach the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy.

Because I want to help as many business owners as I can, to overcome the compromises in their lives that come with the responsibility of business ownership.

Through time leverage and the automation of revenue generation. I’m going to show you my 7 step strategy for business growth.

I’m going to show you three tactics that provide the foundation for successful marketing promotions. First I’ll address Market research and List building.

And Finally I’ll talk about the core foundation of the structured marketing campaign, the sideways sales letter, copyright by Jeff Walker.  And I’ll show you how you can immediately use these strategies in your own business.

I’ll reveal The 3 most common obstacles business owners face in using my strategy, and how you can overcome your own internal self-doubts.

And I’ll show you a path to release yourself from the bonds that business ownership can turn into for many entrepreneurs.

I’m also going to take you behind the curtain for a look at how one of my clients has used the Business Growth Campaign strategy to double his “real” “main street” business.

Here’s what Chris Potts, President of Duffy Floors, Inc., in Boston, MA had to say about the MIMMCO BGCB strategy:

 “We’ve seen a marked increase in repeat sales using the Infusionsoft strategy prudently. We’ve gotten lifts in business during the traditional down times like January and February, usually slow months for home improvement service businesses.”

 “Overall, MIMMCO has helped us to nearly double our business over the time we’ve worked together. For an 88-year-old company that’s quite a trick.”

The Heart of The Matter 

How do you take your business or professional practice from where you are right now and create a powerhouse money making machine?

A money making machine that integrates automated business technologies into your business DNA, generates scale leverage for your business and helps you make a great income?

A business that gives you the money and freedom that you’ve been dreaming of since you first  decided to take the plunge into business ownership?

How do you build a business that keeps working for you 24/7/365, no matter where you are in the world?  A business that lets you work how, where and with who you want to work?

And at the same time allows you to bring real value to the community and market that you serve and sell to?

How do you start that kind of business? Or if you already have a business operating, how do you grow that business fast?

Our mission here is to Demystify the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint, so you can apply it right now in your business.

And take your business to the next level. No matter what that level happens to be. And I’ll show you how to do it in a manner that lets you live the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

Allowing you to make the impact that you want, to make the money you want to make, without having to be slimy or spammy, Salesy or weird. Or work 100 hours a week.

It doesn’t matter what market niche you do business in. If you examine the way the market leaders operate, they are using a sequenced marketing system like my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint as their formula for growth. 

In this first video I’ll show you the 7 steps you have to take to follow the Business Growth Campaign blueprint. But I’ll concentrate on the 3 core components that will drive sales in your door in any kind of business.

Looking For A Get Rich Quick Scheme? Look Elsewhere...

I’ve gotta be clear with you. I’m not pitching a get rich quick scheme with this strategy.

There isn’t any magic bullet software that’s gonna drop money into your bank account at the flip of a switch.

And I’m not gonna show you how to get to the top of Google in 37 seconds or how to get 100,000 followers on Facebook.

I’m going to be teaching a real world business growth process. A process that’s been tested and used by thousands of real business owners in hundreds of market niches selling all kinds of products and services.

I really must emphasize this point. What I’m gonna teach you isn’t theory. It’s been proven over and over again. By myself, my clients, by the marketing giants and thousands of businesses all over the world.

Over the last 6 years my clients have done $100’s of Millions in sales in dozens of businesses, literally all over North and South America.

Most of the time when you think about a successful business, you think about all the cash that people are making in your market. And that money can truly be amazing.

But for me it comes down to a single word. Lifestyle…

You can create amazing leverage with your business when you are growing, using technology to scale your business.You can create the business model you want. But more importantly, you free yourself from the bonds of ownership.

Time Freedom 

The time you spend working on your business is no longer time or space limited. Of course you’re still going to have to work, and you’re gonna have to work hard. But you will have a lot more flexibility in your life.

Your business can run on or nearly on autopilot,  so you can work when and where you want to.You can create true time leverage. By time leverage I mean your income is no longer connected to the number of hours that you work.

Especially when products you don’t have to handle physically are included in your offer mix. You can improve your ROI, without having to increase your overhead.

Be everywhere. Sell from anywhere. Build the Marketing Machine and outsource the elbow grease.bControl your time And controlling time, for me at least, is freedom.

You don’t have to be in front of your customer or even in the same country as your customer for the Business Growth campaign blueprint to work.

Location Freedom

I run my business out of an office in my house. I get up in the morning and commute down the stairs to my office. In gym shorts and a t shirt on most mornings. And I’ve served clients from London to LA, and from Toronto, to Sao Paulo.

I love what I do and I get to enjoy all the outdoor adventures available to me on Cape Cod. And I’m just a stone’s throw from Boston and a short ride from NYC. And there’s plenty of cool stuff to do all over  New England within just 3 or 4 hours of the house..

You also get the flexibility to decide who you want to work with. You no longer need to put up with a (DumbAss) boss (if you’re a startup) or unpleasant customers. You get to fire them both. 

So what I’m planning to give you, is a 4 video training series, where I am gonna show you how my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy works. And let you take what you want to grow your own business.

In this first chapter I’m gonna give you the step by step template for completely custom crafting your business launch or business growth campaigns.

WHY Should You Listen To Me? 

But there are 3 self-imposed hurdles you’re gonna have to overcome in order to be able to use these strategies in your business.

And any of these obstacles could stop your business growth campaign strategy dead in its tracks. 

The first issue you may have to come to grips with, is the idea that “I already know what this guy is trying to tell me”.

If you found the page this post is on, you’re probably a savvy business person, maybe even on your way to super stardom. It may be easy to assume that you already know everything I am gonna show you in these videos.

Don’t do that. I promise you, you’ll get at least a new perspective on what you’ve been doing in your business to this point.

Because almost everybody watching me here has watched some business launching a business growth campaign, or launching a brand new product or service, in almost every market niche you can imagine.

But its one thing being able to see where the seque points  in an offer sequence happen.

And its another thing to be able to see how to put the whole marketing sequence together from start to finish. From the inside perspective.

The second obstacle you’re gonna need to overcome is the idea that “I disagree with your strategy”.  Sometimes that phrase can be expressed as  “that won’t work in my business”.

I know that its  easy to let your mind scurry down that rabbit hole. It’s a pretty standard method of safely deflecting an offer or idea even when it doesn’t make  sense to do so. Its a reflex response pattern of human behavior.

And you might not be able to visualize how these tactics can help in your business right off the bat.

But I promise that if you hang in here with me through the training videos, you’ll see that it will all come together and make sense in the end. Even in your business.

I really want to emphasize this important point. I’m not talking about some kind of hypothetical, untested theories about what might possibly work to start or grow your business income.

I’m talking about time proven tactics and strategies that have resulted in many $Millions of dollars in sales for my companies, and $ billions in sales for the companies who’re using this type of system around the world.

That takes me to the third obstacle to accepting my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy. And that is that until now, you probably never heard of me.

You should be curious though, how I ended up posting an ad on your facebook timeline. Given that we’ve never met. So I’ll try to point out some reasons that you should listen to me.

My first business startup in 1991 was a $1.8 million launch. And I’ve had 4 more business launches over $1 million in the 24 years since then.

I know I’m talking about some pretty big numbers depending on your perspective. So I better let you in on some of how I came to the place I am today.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Like everybody else who decides to run a business independently, I’ve taken my share of lumps along the way.

I made my first attempt to integrate online marketing into my  business back in the summer of 2006.

I had started working in the financial services industry as an Independent Broker representative with a national organization in Knoxville TN in January of 2006.

Takin’ It To The Streets… 

The marketing organization I joined preached old school business to business direct sales marketing. We were taught to drive our cars out onto the main streets and industrial courts of the little towns in the upper east corner of Tennessee. And walk from business to business dropping our business cards and trying to meet decision makers. Old school of hard knocks door to door sales.

Funny thing is, that the shoe leather express marketing method has always worked. It still works now. It works when sales people are taught to verbally deliver a proper lead magnet offer. But it really sucks doing it on a daily basis.

To start the business from scratch I was willing to work hard prospecting a 100 mile radius to make sales.

Shoe leather marketing is brutal to the point of being painful or even impossible for some folks. But if you want to sell a lot of your product, you can learn a lot about your prospect market avatar, if you’re willing to wade knee deep into the middle of your target market. And get face to face wih your prospects.

That way you can see first hand what’s driving your prospect’s decision making. The intelligence you gather helps you to craft your message for both your headline offer, and your sales consultations.

And having a few years of corporate sales training and experience under my belt proved to be my saving grace during the early days working in that business.

I already had learned how to craft and deliver an interactive long form sales letter face to face from a pitch book.  Or using a powerpoint presentation.

As it happens I wasn’t afraid to walk into a business on a cold call.

But it became crystal clear, very quickly that increasing the time I spent in front of or on the phone with interested prospects, and reducing the amount of time I spent searching for those prospects, would lead to a huge increase in my cash flow.

I wasn’t struggling mentally with cold prospecting or making Sales. But I wanted to grow my business quickly.

I needed to create my own business growth formula to leverage my time at work. I  had to figure it out myself. In the worlds oldest and most competitive affiliate marketplace.

I didn’t lose my shirt (ass) in a painful sales apprenticeship that had been designed to feed  newby fodder to a large IMO orphan pool.

But most of the new agents that try to work in that profession do end up in that category.

My strategy was to use health insurance as a trip wire service that would lead to upsells for other financial products.

I had to Make a 6 Figure Income Fast, Or the Terrorists Would Win…

And I was successfully funding my learning curve, closing more than 2 sales every week. As a result I was able to buy lists of prospects to feed the top of my marketing campaign funnel. I had quickly built a respectable income.

But I wanted to penetrate an income barrier quickly.  I knew I needed  to spend a lot more time in front of prospects and less time staring through my car’s front windsheild. I NEEDED time leverage.

So I started studying internet marketing to learn how to digitally prospect using search engine marketing. I started buying internet marketing courses. And I learned the basics of how to advertise and drive traffic online.

By now it was the middle of 2006, and I had established my own small office with another independent representative just south of my home in Erwin, Tennessee.

We incorporated our little 2 man outfit, naming it aptly, “Affordable Insurance of East Tennessee”.

We were working out of a folding card table office we had built in the basement/garage of my partner’s house.  Running Windows XT computers on a DSL network. With 2 landline phone numbers and our cell phones. We thought we were really on the cutting ede of high tech!

The first internet tactic we used, was to buy leads from several of the many lead generation companies that had popped up in the early days of the internet.

We reduced our cold prospecting routine down to one day a week, during our first month of operations in may of 2006. And we added internet leads to build our prospect lists. We followed up with our prospect lists on the telephone and with hand written email.

We had taken our first step toward creating a digital prospect list building campaign. We paid anywhere from $4.00/lead up to $45/lead depending on the category, age and alleged exclusivity of the leads.

And we were converting a minimum of 2 in 10 non exclusive leads, keeping our cost of client acquisition at or just under under $100/client.

We learned straight off, that in order to get a conversion to a sale from the shared  internet leads we had to speak with the prospect within seconds of data input.

Hopefully before their browser refreshed after entering their information on the  request form they had just finished filling out.

Because the lead companies were selling the information many times. And when you were the 2nd or 3rd person to call these prospects, if they were serious inquiries, the deal was already done before you ever got them on the phone.

In reality, if you weren’t first to call, you would almost never even get them on the phone. The good news was that with good cell service it was pretty easy to be the first one to call them.

But if your cell was slow at any time, you ended up as the loser, because another broker beat you to the prospect. The point is, we quickly decided that we needed our own internet lead source. And we decided to learn how to generate our own digital prospect lists.


The injection of internet leads with our cold prospecting and telemarketing efforts was working.

But we wanted more control. So we bought a URL and started to take the next step in lead generation.

We were supporting 2 families averaging about $4300/week in total commission income to support the two of us.

We started planning the roll out of our brand new website and internet prospecting plan for August of 2006. When during the heat of July in Tennessee I was dealt a bombshell blow that just killed our company.

The End of Affordable Insurance of East Tennessee, Inc…

We had built Affordable insurance of East TN up to a $20K/month brokerage in under 7 months.  Personal tragedy would break that business in a fraction of the time it took to build it.

It was Tuesday, the 26th of July, 2006. A sunny summer day in the hills around Johnson City TN, and we had used the day for our weekly cold business prospecting walk in Greene County. Cold walk prospecting was a job we usually took on as a team.

We’d had an excellent day, setting up closing appointments with several prospects, and closing one or two others on the spot during the course of the day’s work.

We stopped on the way back to Erwin, at one of my favorite places in Johnson City at the time. A little Pizza joint in front of ETSU on the State of Franklin Road, called Buck’s Pizza. The owner was a friend and client of mine.

My cell phone rang and  it was my father  on the line. He asked me to come to his house right away.

It was an unusual phone call. My Dad never called me before I checked in home from work. So I headed to his house right away to see what was happening.

When I got to my dad’s house, he asked me to sit down. And then he told me that my 21 year old son James, named for my father, had died that morning.

The details of this part of the story are still difficult to recite, and I’m not going to share them with you right  now. But the point is this, the heart break of losing my son knocked me all the way out of the game for a while.

I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to people in a sales consultation. I didn’t want to prospect. I didn’t want to make phone calls. And that promising new business launch I was in the middle of simply sputtered out and expired from my lack of effort.

My income was 100% commission. I had no unemployment insurance. And the last start up had left me with diminished savings.

Over the next year I had my house and my car repossessed. I was closing in on my 50th birthday…and I was going to have to start all over again …

The real possibility of finding myself living under a highway overpass was enough to get me back up off the couch to start working again. But I had spoiled a perfectly good brokerage launch while I was at it.

In August of 2007, 13 months after my son passed, I was ready to stand back up and fight for my own life and livelihood.

I was on my own to start out again now. My former partner had moved on. I was just about dead broke, because 13 months with no income had killed my savings and pushed my credit card balances out to the limits.

I did have one real advantage. I had  envisioned and started creating a broker business growth campaign blueprint  the year before. I had tested and proven the formula in the field during the last startup that we had abandoned.

I started the new agency, Ford Financial, in August 2007 using the same strategies I had discovered toward the end of my last launch attempt.

I would purchase prospect lists and use ppc lead generation to supplement referrals from current clients and new sales to old clients. That  was the plan to get quickly started.

I drafted a re acquaintance series for my existing customer lists, and old prospect lists. And got quite a few old clients to agree to an evaluation consultation. To make sure they were still in the best possible situation. And that led to many early sales for the new agency.

The next step in developing my business growth campaign strategy was to build a professional website, and learn to generate exclusive prospect contact data for my brokerage.

That website was a Joomla template site with a standard 5 page format including an expanded contact page for data collection. The URL I chose was

The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes…

By now it was January of 2008.  And I had taken a course to learn how to use Google Adwords. I was ready to test my own ad campaigns.

I identified my target market avatars as business owners age 35 – 55 and over age 65+. Medicare recipients who were moving out of company IRAs and adjusting their financial and health insurance portfolios for retirement.

I completed my keyword research and I rolled out my first paid marketing campaigns on Bing and Yahoo in April of 2008.

Using  simple text ads offering a free health insurance analysis that sent visitors to the contact form gating the cloaked quote page on my website.

I had built my first ad campaigns, my first website, my first landing page, created my first auto responder sequence. I had built my first integrated digital marketing campaign.

Most importantly I had started my first digital prospect and buyers lists. Some of that list will receive an invitation to watch this video, 9 years after I first captured their contact information!!

I reduced my client acquisition cost from nearly $100/client to under $25/client including telemarketing costs.

And I stopped feeling compelled to drive to prospect’s homes or offices to enroll them in their packages. I leveraged my time by automating the prospecting routine. And reducing the amount of time I spent in the car.

My closing ratio soared to over 50% on the telephone. And I didn’t go out of the office anymore without knowing that the only reason I was driving out was to collect a Signature and a check.

By August of 2008, my brokerage income was over $30,000/month. I had nearly doubled the broker revenue that I had generated in ’06 with a partner, and cut my overhead in half to boot.

And none of that was really the cool part of this comeback story. The amazing part is that I built the original brokerage in East Tennessee. I built the comeback business in CT and MA. 800 miles away as the crow flies.

Where I started from scratch and built the business to $30k/month in less than 10 months.

And I closed over 50% of the prospects that I consulted on the phone. I sent Others to a carrier affiliate link and I made my first completely online sales.

And more importantly I had proven that the list building portion of the business growth campaign blueprint would pay off, with a 15X ROI on a $2000 monthly marketing budget. In a traditional brick and mortar business.

I continued running the same campaigns for over a year, with steadily improving results. The changes in healthcare insurance after 2009 eventually pointed me in another new direction.

Marketing Is The Future

At exactly that moment in August of ’08 with 3 months at over $30K/Month behind me, I knew I had something that I wanted to share with other business owners. Who also wanted to quickly grow their business.

And that’s why I’m sharing  my Business Growth Campaign Blueprint in this video series.

Because if you’re a business owner, momentum and growth are the lifeblood of your business.

If You’re Not Growing Your Business, Your Business Is Dying.

And there is no faster way to get momentum and start your business growing, than by kicking off a Business Growth Campaign.

There’s no luck or hope marketing involved in building real business success. Its about owning the money maker’s playbook. And then putting that playbook into action.

The Secret Sauce For Business Growth Campaigns 


So what is the secret of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint?

How can you take your business from where you stand today, to success by your standards, in the shortest time possible?

Getting the answers to those questions is now my life’s work. And  I call the solution the  Business Growth Campaign Blueprint. Or BGCB if you like.

Its the result of my own field work, combined with the direct marketing strategies that have been taught to the rest of us by the marketing giants.

How Louis Engel Got 3 Million Prospects From One Advertisement 

The heart of the business growth campaign blueprint is the long form sales letter. A concept that you can trace back to Louis Engel and his famous NY Times Merrill Lynch Sales letter written in 1941.

It wasTitled aptly, “What Everybody Ought to know…About this Stock and Bond Business. “

The letter generated over 3 million leads for Merrill Lynch over the course of several years.

And thousands more businesses have proven the model, selling  literally $ Billions in goods and services, using a sequenced formula that considers the same psychology of influence as Louis Engel.

The same kind of  formula as Dan Kennedy, all the current marketing gurus, and not coincidentally, the BGCB Strategy.

A lot of business owners really don’t understand marketing and there are many business owners who are uncomfortable with sales.

You may get that muscle tightening feeling of anxiety  in the pit of your stomach when you start to think about marketing and sales.

You might think that you’ll get someone else to do the marketing and sales for your business.

But the reality is that because you’re a business owner you’re often the face of your business.

And you and your actions regulate the tempo of revenue generation in your company. Even if you have a sales and marketing team.

Marketing is nothing more than creating effective communication that explains the value of your products and services to the consuming public.

So If you have a great product or service, you owe it to yourself and to your market to master that communication.

So let’s take a closer look at what I call the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint.. First, here’s the general outline of my BGCB process:

THE BGCB Strategy

  1. Identify, locate and zero in on your target market. (market research) For a new business, research your market viability, For an existing business, re visit your market research.
  2. Segment your business into specific subset categories. Break your product or service offers down into a value ladder in each business category.
  3. Capture contact information from visitors to your website and on location where ever applicable. Build lists of both prospects and buyers.
  4. Segment your list by product interest category.
  5. Create a marketing Campaign for each product or service in your business that you want to generate revenue.
  6. Launch your business growth campaigns to stimulate sales. Create new growth campaigns as you add new products, new formulas or change your unique selling proposition.
  7. Repeat the process for each category of business and each new product or niche as you grow your business. Campaign Stacking. Plan a marketing  campaign launch schedule to keep the cash flow coming.

So let’s take a closer look at the first 3 parts of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint. 

Specifically, market research, list building , and the sideways sales letter patented by Jeff Walker in his Product Launch Formula

Market Research is the first process that you should undertake when you consider any kind of business growth campaign. Whether its for a startup or long established business.

It never hurts you to take a fresh look at to whom and how you’re taking your product message to the marketplace.

You can get some incredible intelligence on your market, without ever leaving your computer.

Discover and analyze your top competition and figure out how they are communicating with the market.

And then laser focus on the type of prospects that you want to put your messages in front of.

You can prove the viablity of your product solution online. Google APIs can help you Identify your target customer avatar. And you can find out what they’re buying on Amazon. Which will give you content ideas for your launch.

Some marketers feel that the prospect’s circumstance is more important than their demographic profile. I believe that both your customer avatar and their circumstance are important.

Your prospects have to have the ability to purchase your product.

You have to have the right type of person looking at your offers in the first place. And of course they won’t buy anything unless your solution provides a positive change for their current circumstance.

Your market research will help you learn how to locate those prospects online and off. And help to show you how to engage with them where they already like to hang around.

You can more effectively craft you marketing message by knowing what your prospects read and who their gurus are.

You can find out what their browsing and buying habits have been. And determine, where in your content  you should drive them in to your media communication, based on those variables.

You can even determine at what point in their on line browsing that a prospect is likely to make a buying decision. And then you can deliver your offers at exactly that moment in time.

Some of this work can be done with Free tools. But you will need to pay for the more in depth analysis that is provided by vendors like Quantcast and

Capture And Communicate With Your Visitors  Build Your Lists

The 2nd cornerstone in the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint is to begin  or continue building your prospect and buyers lists. And then make a habit of sending  them entertaining and promotional content to consume.

The reason that list building is important for any business is that it allows you to have some control over the visitors that will see your pre-frame content, your promotions and offers.

And it allows you to keep your active customer roster engaged with your business in between purchases.

I don’t have the time to really dive deep on the topic here. I’ll talk about the technical details later in the training if viewers want me to.

But the basic process depends on a simple sequence of actions that your prospects and customers must be invited to take.

Prospects can be driven to a squeeze page, by paid advertising, email promotion on lists that you or someone else owns, social posting or other traffic tactics.

When a cold prospect lands on your squeeze page you have to have an irresistible reason for them to enter their contact information into an auto responder or contact form.

Then send them an indoctrination email sequence of 5 sequential emails that introduce your company avatar, and prepare the reader for an initial offer.

In reality, you’re emailing a sideways sales letter to help them get to know, like and trust you. While you invite them to take action on the first offer you send to them.

Buyers lists are more valuable and more responsive than prospect lists. You can build a buyers list on autopilot, whether you make the majority of your sales online or off.

All you have to do is invite your customers to keep in contact with you. And then collect their contact information at the point of sale. Then ask for permission to keep in contact with them. You can accomplish this task online or at a physical point of sale.

If you’ve done your job well to that point they should be happy to stay in contact with your company, and see your offers.

How To Implement Your Business Growth Campaign

Business-Growth-Bar-ChartThe third and most important component of the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint is what Jeff Walker calls the sideways sales letter.

The sideways sales letter is  based on those old school long form sales letters that first appeared in the 1st half of the 20th century. The most famous example being the Merrill Lynch advertisement in the  New York Times, a  sales letter that acted as a lead magnet written by  Louis Engel.

The Engle letter offered an informational brochure (report) in exchange for a mailed in contact form, and set up a sales consultation with a Merrill Lynch broker. And over 3 million prospects sent in their info requests based on that famous advertisement.

The long form sales letter still works pretty well. But they’re not converting as well as they used to.

You Must Overcome Your Prospect’s BS Meter….

These days consumers are more educated, and they’re  interested in authenticity and integrity. Your presentation has to be interesting, and honest.

Sales organizations have found that creating value for your prospects, demonstrating the value of your product or service before asking for the sale works better in an integrated or purely digital campaign.

The sideways sales letter is a template for a long form written sales letter. Except, You deliver it over a 2 week period.

instead of sending traffic to a 20 page long web page form sales letter you simply turn the letter on its side and deliver it over a 10 day period. I’m going to do that with this video series. But I’ll publish the material on my blog as well.

Here’s how the sideways sales letter works. A standard sales letter has a headline that attracts your interest. It then identifies a problem or many problems in your current circumstance, and agitates the problem.

Massaging mental influence triggers, to demonstrate the worst case scenario, which will likely become reality, if your prospect’s problem is left unchecked.

You add valuable content, and stories to teach your prospect about the possibility of improving their circumstances by using your product. Your case is built on the emotional impact that you create with stories. And the suspension of disbelief.

You build the perceived value in your products. While you’re building authority, reciprocity, commitment, social proof and likability and as many mental  influence  triggers as you can layer in your sales message.

You then introduce your product or service as the solution to the prospect’s problem and build massive value. You add scarcity and as many other levers of influence as you can, before you ask the prospect to take an action.

Of course I’m giving you the reader’s digest condensed version here. Entire books and courses are available on this topic.

Mr. Walker breaks his “Product Launch Formula” down into 4 pieces of content, the final piece publishes the offer. The content can be blog posts, video, email, social post or podcast based.

Will This Strategy Work For Me? 

Now at this point You may be asking yourself, how do I use the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint in my business? Well, if you’re watching this video, you probably fall into one of three categories.

In the first scenario, You already have a business, you already have a cash flow. You already have patients clients or customers who would surely love to have more of what you offer than they’re getting already.

If you already have a business you’re going to really love the strategy.

Because you can immediately re-engineer and relaunch past promotions to quickly re-energize your market and get some new blood flowing in your business.

The Second category of Business that the BGCB  will work for includes Practitioners and Service businesses, over a broad spectrum of markets.

You work in one of the big money niches, health, Fitness, law, financial services,  Real Estate, or a subcategory of the large markets.  In other words you work with clients.

You can have a really nice business that way but there are only a couple of ways that you can create time leverage with that model.

You can hire associates who have some part or all of your practical skill set. And then market your business effectively enough to keep all of your associates working at full capacity. All of which you make a profit on.

You can increase your income by increasing your work hours. Not the most practical formula for building your business….

Or you can find a way to partially or completely disconnect your income from the hours you spend at work.

What if you could create a product or service that your business didn’t have to hand deliver? And then you did a product launch and sold your product online?

How would that change your life? Create a product you can sell online, sell more product without working more hours. How would that change your business?

You already have clients, you already have a buyers list. Chances are if you do a good job, your clents would like to have more of you. That’s how the business growht campaign blueprint can work for you.

Business Startup Formula 

The third category of business owners that the BGCB will work for are those folks who are just getting started.

You may not even have a product, a website a list or even an idea about what you want to sell or who you want to sell it to yet.

That’s okay, everybody that has ever started a business started in a similar predicament.

A whole lot of entrepreneur wannabes never make it past the “what kind of business am I going to start?” phase of planning. It’s very similar to the languishing business owner thinking about “what products or services do I want to be promoting?”

There’s no better way to get your business going than with a Business Growth Campaign. Business startups need to launch to gain sales momentum off the bat.

If that’s where you’re starting let me tell you it’s absolutely possible to start a real business, online or off using my BGCB strategy.

Now if you fall into any of these categories, you’re gonna love the next video that I have for you. Its about the 3 of the primary marketing campaigns used in the Business Growth Campaign Blueprint.


What’s Coming Up In Our Video Series?

In the next video I’m going to show you some of the different types of marketing funnels that you can deploy with your Business growth campaign blueprint

And I’ll take you with me for an over the shoulder and inside the dashboard view of the technical construction of a live integrated online to inbound phone marketing campaign. And I’ll show you the live results of the test for that campaign.

Let Me Know What You’re Thinking…

Right now, though, I’d like to get to know a little bit more about you. What would having a successful Business Growth Campaign strategy mean for your business?

How would your life change, if you could double your income, while reducing the hours you spend in the office?

And If you like what I’m sharing, please Leave a comment for me below the video. And if you don’t mind, it’d be great if you’d hit the like and share button for me while you’re at it.

“Right Now You Don’t Know Me From Adam”…

I know right now you’re probably skeptical. You may have never seen me until you came to my site, because I never had to promote my newest business to get it up and running.

I simply tapped into my own business network and hand selected the clients that I wanted to work with so this is my first digital service launch since 2008. And its in a completely new service niche.

But I do want you to know that you didn’t find me by accident, I put myself where you could find me. Directly in your line of sight.

If you take nothing else away from this video, take this…

The Highest Paying ROI Strategies Available To Modern Man

The internet is technologies greatest gift to business and forentreprenuers like you and me who have chosen to seize their  own destiny, rather than sit and wait while others make things happen.

The obstacles for entry to a successful business have never been easier to overcome.  When you work hard to develop winning BGCB campaigns, there’s no limit to where you can take your business.

I’ve been living this life and building this lifestyle for 24 years and I can’t believe the things I’ve been able to accomplish. You can make amazing money, meet all kinds of people, and do it while you’re living a lifestyle of peace and freedom.

Scroll down below the video and leave a comment for me! This is Kenneth Ford, and I’m looking forward to another visit in a couple of days for Video #2!

What You Should Do Next

The MIMMCO Business Growth Advisory Group has developed a 30 minute Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy session which we conduct over the phone with you and your top staff members. Here’s what we will accomplish together in this fast paced zero nonsense strategy session.

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your “ultimate business success” and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like to have your business provide. And create a custom Blueprinted Path to get you there.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.
  • Leave this strategy session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself.

2015-11-02_2140The 30 minute Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session is conducted by Mr. Ford, The Co-Founder of MIMMCO. Mr. Ford has worked with hundreds of companies in several business categories including professional services, financial services, high end retail, attorneys, authors, musicians, contractors, physicians and dentists on 3 continents.

Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence that Mr. Ford can supply in a 30 minute time span. There is no charge for the call, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.

This consultation will typically take place within one week of you completing our pre call business questionnaire that will be emailed to you after entering your contact information on the request your free Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session page.

Once you’ve completed the survey, we’ll evaluate your answers and research your market to determine whether you can qualify for the Free session. Once we determine that we are 100% certain that we can help your business reach your objectives, we’ll send you a scheduling link via email where you can select the time for your Free Custom Crafted Business Growth Campaign Blueprint Strategy Session.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Free Report. Make sure you get your Free Business Growth Campaign Blueprint strategy session where we’ll make a plan to grow YOUR business.

Kenneth Ford

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