Integrated Internet Marketing

How To Create Successful Internet Marketing Campaigns For Your Local Business


The rapid growth and evolution of internet marketing has created a situation that is not easy for local business owners to decipher.

New technology and strategy has made it more difficult to decide on a plan for your business to succeed in its internet marketing effort.

Internet Marketing Agencies have sprung up from the ashes of the “post recession” economy, like mushrooms on a sloping cow pasture after a steady 24 hour spring rain.

And these marketers are pushing commodity based sales in order to capture market share, further confusing the issue for local business owners. Often times they push commodities without the experiential frame of reference to determine whether that digital item fits your overall marketing effort.

Business owners are building their marketing on a piece meal “best price” basis, that in the end wastes more money than it saves.


Many business owners have had a negative experience with internet marketing, or internet marketing agents.
That disappointment is largely a result of either false expectations, or poor project management or poor marketing strategy or failure of execution.


The Changing Internet Marketing Landscape


Part of the problem is the fast paced environment on which internet marketing is based.

A quickly evolving technology, combined with the moving target presented by search engine algorithm updates has created a challenge even to experts who devote their full time and intellectual effort to search engine marketing.

Another part of the problem is the fragmented approach that some business owners take as a result of market based stimuli, and a poor understanding of how to use the emerging technologies as they develop.


Those small to medium sized companies that can afford in house IT services can not necessarily afford an internal internet marketing team as they develop their internet marketing strategy.

You need several highly specialized skill sets to create successful marketing campaigns. Many tasks are redundant, while others present a technical and strategic challenge to the most experienced marketers.

Few individuals possess all of the skills needed to execute an integrated internet marketing plan.

Leaving a requirement for multiple full time positions in the event you want to quickly create success for your own in house internet marketing campaigns.

Forcing other staff members into roles they neither cherish nor have sufficient competency to fulfill is not the best way to develop your in house IM team.

Let’s face it. Internet marketing is a team sport. And you may not want the salaries and 941 tax liability required to build one in house.

Especially if you can identify a resource that provides a Guaranteed Return on Investment, knowing all the facts about your company and market required to fulfill on that promise.


Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing


If you are not ready, or can’t afford to add a team of 4 – 10 full time internet marketing specialists for your business right now, the best solution is to hire outside of the company.

Your first decision may be to choose between hiring a Local or Offshore firm.

Trusting the company who provides your marketing services is paramount to running successful Internet Marketing campaigns.

Accountability is only possible with some form of leverage. When you deal with overseas companies, you don’t have any leverage or basis for enforcing accountability.

No matter what a vendor (or their canned testimonial page) tells you with reference to the

success of their track record, until they run a campaign for you, you will never be sure.

If you want to be able to ensure that the company you hire can fulfill internet marketing services with a measurable ROI, you may best be served using a company that is based in the USA.

Foreign firms fear little in the way of retribution for non performance, when their failure to ensure fulfillment results in neither reputation nor financial recourse.

Once you pay an overseas company, you’re on your own.

There are tons of “SEO” companies running call campaigns to get you “page one ranking” for $300, or some other random unsubstantiated number.

That type of pitch represents a rather bold statement for anyone not in possession of a fully developed keyword research basis with which to evaluate your company’s niche.

And you know that in the sales bullpen these wired warriors are not looking at pages of research on your company when they dial your number to make their bold pitch.

The process is identifiable to a competent internet marketer. You may wish to determine how ROI will be calculated by prospective marketing firms, prior to engaging that companies services.

The data developed by the search engines provides the technical marketer with a clear path to marketing success. A marketer who reads the results and measures and refines their marketing effort with statistical analysis using precise analytic tools is the marketer who will provide a return on investment. The Marketing firm you choose should be able to readily identify the methodology that will help create successful internet marketing campaigns after a discovery meeting.


Pricing For Internet Marketing Services


Its hard to identify what the value of internet marketing services should be for your company.

Vendors and outsourcing firms vary greatly in their pricing models. And the range of pricing you may see for IM services is as wide as the worldwide network of service providers will allow.

Pricing is also difficult to quantify for marketers, because the nature of search engine marketing requires different work loads for each commercial keyword for which you optimize. And each individual company website, needs a different amount of work to become a working marketing machine.

And an obviously inefficient website from a marketing perspective, may be the pride of an owner’s internet marketing plan, for reasons that have nothing to do with web conversions.

That makes identifying the cost of a given spread of search queries more difficult to quantify for professional search engine marketers, and nearly impossible for the novice internet marketer.

The focus of the business owner then, when choosing an outsourcing resource, should be on ROI, return on investment, when that cost is in an affordable range.

Can an Internet Marketing Agency provide your company with a Viable ROI, in a reasonable period of time? A lot of that depends on you.



Selecting Your Internet Marketing Agency


Revealing your budget may seem like tipping your hand from a cost management perspective, but if you seek the highest ROI possible, you will need to show your hand to prospective marketing agencies, so they can understand what they can accomplish within your budget.

You may wish to apply an ROI requirement on a contract with a marketing firm that seeks to provide internet marketing services, on a marketing campaign basis, for your company.

Given an appropriate ramp up period, from 90 – 180 days, on a proven marketing formula, a competent internet marketing company should be able to provide incentive based internet marketing services from that point forward.

Market Niches differ, the unique selling position and the irresistible offer possibilities are different for a bar and grill owner than they are for a dentist or an attorney.


Integrating Your Internet Marketing Strategy


Internet marketing strategies vary somewhat from market niche to market niche. But the basic principles and science of internet marketing are constant.

Regardless of the market or business category in which you compete, there are readily identifiable internet marketing strategies that are working for your competition, and can work for you as well. Integrating the components of internet marketing, market research, web presence, traffic and conversion are dependent on a proper web framework for your plan’s execution.

A first tier Internet Marketing Agency will integrate your Internet Marketing, with your offline marketing. While creating a strategy using the most effective techniques and technologies available for your specific business, in your market whether its local or global.

They will rapidly identify and propose a plan of action designed and even guaranteed to provide you with return on investment, with your budget in mind.

The technical internet marketer can demonstrate the path to marketing success with scientific precision, from keyword research through landing page and email conversion testing.

MIMMCO provides your company with a full service, fully trained, Fortune 100 level Internet Marketing Team, on the most cost efficient basis available today. We use integrated marketing strategies, designed to produce a rapid, predictable ROI. Our experts provide guaranteed results, when you follow our prescribed and proven marketing formulas. Call MIMMCO, at 314-266-1866 ask us about performance guarantees, and bring your company up to speed in the age of Internet Marketing.