Integrating Internet Marketing WIth Off Line Marketing

6 Proven Tactics For Improving Your Sales Conversion Ratio


CMOs are taking on a huge challenge these days, integrating their on line and off line marketing into seamless sales funnels. Here at MIMMCO, we’ve designed marketing campaigns using both organic and paid traffic to start the conversion process with web visitors who are then closed with a sales call off line.

At the same time, we’ve created many 100% digital sales funnels, which have over time, shown us the precise sequences that help location based businesses increase internet marketing conversion rates.

Compelling Content That Engages Potential Customers/Clients

The foundation for your sales funnel has to be compelling content. Your landing/home page message should include an irresistible offer, it should be informative and memorable. Featuring simple navigation and a clearly defined purpose combined with targeted traffic, will help your conversion rates.

The objective of your landing page is to get your visitors to take an action to engage with your website and your sales funnel. Knowing the avatar of your ideal customer and the commercial queries (buyer intent) for your market niche, will help you develop content that your audience finds intersting.

Auto Responder With a Call To Action To Collect Visitor Data

In most cases, the opt in form on your landing page should be short. You should only ask for enough information to allow an easy follow call-to-actionup. The appropriate length will vary from business to business, and offer to offer.

Longer forms will require greater inspiration for your visitors to complete. Collect only the information you need for movement to the next step in your funnel. If your form is too long or requires information the visitor does not deem appropriate for the situation, conversion rates will suffer.

Your field sales team should be able to help you identify the information you need to gather. Your form should give them enough information to make a follow up phone call a natural process. And your opt in thank you page should facilitate that follow up.

Set Expectations Via The Opt In (Conversion) Thank You Page

You drive motivated traffic to your landing page. Your Unique selling proposition, and your irresistible offer persuades some of those visitors to opt into your contact form. You have your first successful conversion in your sales funnel, but your job is far from over. The next important step in your sales funnel is to set your prospects expectation for follow up communication in your thank you/confirmation message.

The content of the confirmation page/message should reinforce the message on your landing page. Tell the prospect to expect your second message, or phone contact, in your first message.

Write A Templated Follow Up Sequence Of Emails

Your first follow on communication should include information which validates and further encourages your prospect to interact with yourfollow-up business. Deliver information of intellectual or monetary value with your first message after the conversion confirmation message. Send that message immediately after the thank you page/message.

The higher the value of the information or monetary incentive that you provide your client in your first messages, the more trust and engagement you will generate. Coupons, Reports, money saving or quantifiable offers usually convert at the highest rate.

Keep Your Subscribers’s Engaged

There is a feeling of anticipation created when your visitors submit your conversion form, go on and fuel that anticipation with more exciting possibilities!

An Email Sequence That Continues The Conversation.

Once you have confirmed your lead’s interest in your business with your thank you message, you can immediately initiate your email follow up sequence. It’s important to impress your potential customer with your content and the value of your messages.

Copy that re-affirms the tone of your landing page, along with links to other helpful pages on your website, will aid you in your sales effort. create the opportunity to set the table for further discussion.

Let your prospect know that there will be additional communication, whether verbal, email, SMS or all three. Keep the conversation going, by providing additional supportive content.

Link relevant information on your website. Ask your visitors to call (tracking phone number) or come into your business, depending on your market.

Let them know when your representative will call them.
Many companies are not professional in their automated email follow up sequence, or the integration with off line strategy (phone to set appointment) and therefore generate mediocre results.

Integrating Off line With On line, The Call Script/Call Sequence

Having captured a lead and delivered your initial digital follow up sequence, you may at some time need to transition to direct sales efforts, generating a closing appointment with a telephone call or face to face meeting with your prospect.

Your first logical step is to execute a proper follow up phone call where you set a face to face appointment or a selling meeting on the phone or via webinar.

The objectives for both the initial and any follow up phone calls should be pre planned, and the calls should be scripted but conversational in nature.

Your sales representatives should be well versed on the information that has been sent to the lead before their initial contact. And also well aware of what problem they are trying to solve for the prospect.

The more information and guidance your reps have, the more likely they are to follow through successfully, converting the lead to a customer or client.

Bring All The Pieces Together

You may have implemented some of the five steps described above. Or you maybe you haven’t implemented any of them. Maybe you haven’t even consciously considered your sales funnel as a process to start with.

What we hoped to achieve here, is to provide a framework for you to consider how to improve your own conversions.

And increase your company’s sales. For more information, fill out our contact form on our Free Website Audit and Marketing Report page.

Or  call 314-266-1866, and we’ll provide a custom tailored blueprint for internet marketing success, along with detailed reports on your current web presence, a performance report on your website and marketing funnel, and detailed information about your competition.