Conversion – The Process of Converting Website Visitors to Leads and Customers

We have talked about product, location (website) and traffic generation and the basic processes of online marketing.

The key ingredient, the one which is ever elusive and the most difficult to come to grips with is conversion.

Conversion is defined as the process by which a vistor is converted to a lead, and then finally to a customer.

The Conversion Formula

conversionAs we addressed in earlier discussion, conversion is perhaps the most important step in the process of online marketing.

It is also the most elusive, where most business owners are concerned.

The first concept that should be embraced, is a need for a lead generation page for each product or service for which you create an online marketing campaign.

You don’t have to create a new website for each and you can add exact match domain name pages to your website.

The Structure of the Website

site-structureThere are graphic design considerations that also must be included. Most of these are common sense once you understand the process.

To speak plainly, all of the important information should be visible above the fold of the website.

The offer should include a headline, Subheadline, benefits and implied monetary value, with instruction on how to receive the offer.

The offer should be in the upper portion of the site so that the reader discovers the intent of the page as soon as it opens.

There should be white space around the offer, to separate it from other components in the page.

You should strive to create an irresistible offer, that has an obvious inherent monetary value.

Most importantly, you need to keep the page simple. A headline, a sub-headline and a call to action. A second opt in opportunity on the page, or a phone number, and that is it.

Below the fold, you can add content and a sales pitch. Above the fold, all you need is the call to action and the offer.

The Opt In Autoresponder Form

autoresponderYour lead generation pages will have to have an autoresponder opt in form included. So that you are able to follow up with a new lead.

The simpler the form is to fill in, the more browsers will take the time to fill it in.

Your autoresponder sequence is then a topic for a whole new article, but for now let’s just acknowledge that it should be prominently placed adjacent to the irresistible offer.

And that it should be simple to fill out and collect the minimum in sought after data. Our autoresponder forms always include the name, email and cell phone number.

The cell phone number provides the opportunity to generate SMS message sequences, which are opened at a greater frequency than email in our current market.

The downside is that asking for more information, may result in fewer opt ins.

The Irresistible Offer

irresistible-offerThe creation of an irresistible offer can be looked at like bait on a fish hook. Something tasty, free but of substantial monetary value, and easy to grab ahold of.

In order to get the attention of the browser you are trying to capture and convert into a lead and then a customer, you need to present an attractive offer.

If the browser believes that the offer is worth less than what the intrusion of a follow up sequence is worth, they will not accept your offer.

Free guidebooks and ebooks were at one point viable conversion bait. They are no longer nearly as effective as they were just a few short years ago.

People are now insisting on real value. A free consultation from a professional, or a significant discount for goods or services.

In rabidly followed market niches, a free video seems to still work very effectively, providing information that assists the browser in some aspect of their lives.

Every business can come up with something of value.

A dentist can offer a free cleaning (or a $20 cleaning, or a $50 full service initial visit) knowing that most new customers will need thousands of dollars in work over the customer life time.

A chiropractor can offer a free massage with their first treatment. A contractor can offer a free Autocad design with a signed and executed contract (with deposit paid).

An attorney can offer a free initial consultation, for a service other than a contingency based liability lawsuit. A restaurant can offer a BOGO.

If your product or service is delivered effectively, and the customer leaves your place of business happy with the deal they have received, they will come back and do business with you again.

You will earn the repeat business from the majority of your discount deliveries. And that cost will be far less than running prime time commercials on cable TV.

An Effective Call to Action

call-to-actionYou should have a clearly stated call to action that invites the browser to take that bait, and collect a coupon for a steep discount on one of your products or services.

The delivery of the offer is designed to capture key data like name, email address and cell phone number, and insert that data into an automated response system (autoresponder system). So that follow up communication can be initiated.

That way if the prospect does not immediately become a customer, you can follow up by cross channel communication, phone, email and SMS messaging.

Several studies suggest that as many as 7 touches, or invitations, may be necessary to convert the prospect into a customer.

So the follow up sequence is very important. Skilled copy writing is a necessary component to the follow up, either with tele-scripting, or email message copy.

Effective Copy Writing

email-marketing-copywriting1-780x400Successful copy can be compared to a good press release, or an entertaining short story.

The prospect needs to understand the who, what, where, when and why they should move forward in the process.

You don’t need to be shy, and you don’t need to be pushy, but you do need to ask for the action you seek each and every time you communicate with the prospect.

Every communication requires a specific call to action. Every piece of copy associated with your website should include a consistent call to action. Remembering that humor or wit can be as effective as any linguistic art.

Effective Landing Pages

The website, obviously bears the lion’s share of responsibility for an effective internet marketing campaign. Which of course dictates the necessity of a hosted domain for your business.

Both the technical and marketing creativity of the developer are challenged by the process. So choosing a web developer who has tremendous graphic artist’s skills, but no marketing skill, is not a good idea.

Your web page is the “money” site, and you may have several “money” pages on it. But if the concept of an effective lead generation page is eluding you, conversions will be few and far between.

MIMMCO specializes in the development of converting websites, and follow up systems. If making more money with your internet marketing is a topic you would like to address.

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Conversions – Converting Browsers to Customers