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While an effective return on investment (ROI) using internet marketing remains an elusive quest for many small business owners, the complex issues inherent in the process can be broken down into 4 distinct components. A Product or service, Web presence, Traffic and Conversions. That is all there is to it. If you consider each of these components individually, the process becomes simple.

However, each of these components must necessarily be functioning at an optimal level, in order to gain revenue and market share in your niche online, or off line.



best-keyword-research-tool-300x300The first component you need is your product or service. Your product must be viable and in demand. Brick and mortar operations likely already know if their product or service is in demand. That makes the first phase for an offline business, the same as for any online effort,  keyword research. Keyword research determines which queries will drive targeted buying traffic to your site. And if you think about it, it will also help you identify your ideal customer avatar. The customer avatar becomes important when you are targeting traffic to come to your website.

If you are marketing a new or purely digital product, your initial market analysis is critical to the success of your launch. You can derive an effective site and traffic plan from your keyword research. Having completed your keyword research and determined what products you wish to promote, the next component of internet marketing is the optimization of your web presence.


software-development-icon (1)Web Presence is a term which must be fully understood, if you are going to have any. Your web presence includes your main website, your mobile website, (mobile app) and social platforms. If you build a mobile responsive website to start with, you will have a mobile website with your initial build. If you do not, you will need to address that issue early in your marketing campaigns. You want to be mobile responsive, because about 56% of all searches are now performed on a smart phone or mobile device (tablet).

Your web presence should be up and optimized, prior to beginning your online marketing effort. You can improve and expand as you go, but you should create your landing pages, select and optimize your social platforms prior to initiating campaigns.

There are a minimum of 5 Social media platforms with which you should start to enhance your web presence. They include Facebook, YouTube, Google + (Local), twitter and LinkedIn. There are many others out there that will help you in this effort. And opinions vary on which of the ancillary platforms are most important. But there is not one expert on the subject of web marketing that would argue the viability of the top 5 listed above.

Once you have the basic Website and Social profiles in place, you can begin to expand on your web presence, develop your authority, where it makes sense in your industry. Distribution of content through your social media and web profiles creates a natural back link strategy that the search engines now prefer. Content distribution is the part of web development most often ignored by business owners.



Website-TrafficThe next major component of your Internet marketing, is traffic. Many Internet marketing advisers concentrate on this factor too heavily, ignoring the other 3 components. That aside, you can drive traffic using organic search and social media, and by paid methods.

The fastest path to a flood of targeted traffic is to use all available methods. On Page and Off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) take time. PPC (Pay per click) is immediate. Provided that you have properly completed phase one, product selection/keyword research, and phase 2 web presence creation, you should rapidly ramp up traffic using a combination of paid and organic methods.

Using SEO alone will not suffice to produce immediate results. For that reason, MIMMCO prefers to initiate our SEO campaigns in conjunction with a corresponding PPC campaign. That helps to get your traffic flow going, and tests the viability of your keyword phrases.

Once you have developed your presence and begun publishing some content on your pages, creating traffic, you can move towards a 100% organic (SEO based), or inbound method of traffic generation.

Or you can continue to augment your organic traffic with email marketing and PPC (outbound digital marketing) to bring your exposure to a higher level. Detailed discussion on specific organic and paid ad techniques will be reserved for a personal advisory session, with one of MIMMCO’s web marketing experts.



emma-conversion-iconThe final, and perhaps most critical component of your Internet marketing campaigns, is conversion. Conversion is simply the steps that a prospect takes in negotiating your sales funnel on the path to becoming a customer, client or patient. A follow up system is important to your conversion rates.

Encouraging browsers to engage with your website is largely the result of the composition and copy that are on your landing pages on your site. You need a distinct call(s) to action, and an easily navigated website if you are going to engage your readers for any length of time.

With your call to action, you should have at least one method of capturing contact information, on each page of your website. With a clear call to opt in to your list, and an incentive for doing so. It is easier to provide incentive to engage in your web marketing in some businesses than it is in others. But if you use your imagination, you can come up with an incentive for prospects and customers to keep in contact with your business.

Follow up communication is as important to the sales process as being found in the search engines. Most shoppers don’t become a customer on the first communication. It may take several “touches” across various channels of communication to sell your product. Or it may take a single visit to your website. A prospect can travel through your sales funnel as rapidly, or slowly as they like.

The process begins at the top of the sales funnel, landing on your pages as a browser. The next step you want them to take is to become a prospect or customer. Opting into your auto responder sequence (or contacting your business by telephone) is a typical first conversion, capturing traffic and turning a prospect in to a lead.

The next step is to engage that lead in electronic or verbal communication or both, directly, and immediately. In order to motivate them to come to your location, in the case of a brick and mortar business, or click on a link, and finally to purchase one of your products or services. Converting them from a prospect into a customer, patient or client.

Conversions are greatly influenced by the proper construction of your web presence. If your web presence is not optimized for conversion, you will not have any conversion from your web marketing.



If you are tired and frustrated with trying to create an integrated approach to internet marketing, as a result of the influx of internet commodity brokers, shiny one-touch button hucksters and let’s face it, incompetent internet marketing advisors. It may be time for a change. MIMMCO (Mass Internet Marketing Media Co.) was created to assist both offline and digital marketers with the process of creating internet marketing campaigns with measurable ROI. If your current marketing efforts are no longer effective, contact MIMMCO on our website, at . Click on the Get started button in the website header and leave us your contact information. We will begin our process of initial analysis, with the receipt of your information.


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