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3 Helpful Tips to Make Sure Your Online Reputation is Protected

Your Online reputation can literally determine the success or failure of your business. Do you have any doubt about that fact? It has been shown, that as many as 97% of all consumers start looking online for goods or services they want to purchase. Your online reputation has a great impact on whether those buyers decide to use you or one of your competitors to complete their transaction. 

Your competition will be more than happy to manage your online reputation for you, if you decide that the effort to maintain your image on your site and others is not necessary.

For this reason, you need to do everything you can to ensure that what people see when they find your business online is in as positive a light as possible. How do you accomplish that?

Here are three helpful tips to make sure your online reputation is protected:

Monitor Your Reputation Closely.

You can use tools like HootSuite to monitor your online reputation, along with Google Alerts, you can keep track of what is being said about you in the digital world in real time. Keeping an active surveillance of your online reputation makes it that much easier to manage it effectively.

Join In The Conversation.

If you have any activity in your business  at all, people are going to have conversations about your business. Your best bet is to involve yourself in the conversation.

Initiate the conversation wherever possible. Make it a point to respond to both positive and negative feedback, and also to encourage dialogue  that will help keep online conversations about your business going.

Create Social media profiles on the major platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube, and post to them regularly, blog on your website and off of it on web 2.0 platforms. Only your imagination and level of effort can limit your campaigns. Getting in the game and staying engaged is the key.

Optimize your responses.

Once you have engaged in the process of reputation management, and established yourself as an integral component in the conversation, you need to make sure that your engagement is a positive force in building your reputation. To reiterate, responsive engagement is the key.

Be aware of the best practices for handling negative feedback: Respond quickly to negative posts (NEVER ignore negative feedback), Be careful to maintain decorum, avoid a defensive tone and don’t demean or defame your accuser (stay positive!), and present likely resolutions to the situation.

Reputation management in the online world is a complicated process, but it is extremely important for your business success.

If you don’t have time in your schedule to make the effort yourself, it is most cost effective to engage a professional on a 1099 basis, like our company, Mass Internet Marketing Media Co. We can be reached by phone, at 314-266-1866, or by email:

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