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(Internet Marketing Consulting Agency)


imagesIf you are a business owner or professional in business in 2015, you need to be using the internet to market your business, or you’re not going to be competitive in any business niche in America.

…In any size City from Appleton to the Big Apple…

But you may not have the money, expertise or inclination to fund an in house marketing department.

Because finding full time competence in the industry will demand a hefty capital outlay.

MIMMCO was Created to allow reliable, affordable, results driven outsourced internet marketing to be available to any size business or professional organization. With talented US based project managers working directly with our clients to ensure successful internet marketing project implementation.

We offer services from DIY to guided DIY, Done with you, all the way down the pain relief spectrum, to done for you.

With ROI guarantees offered for any path we recommend to any business we choose to engage with. roi

When You hire MIMMCO you engage CMO level talent, with professional creative and technical specialists who can ensure that your companies’ internet marketing campaigns are successful.

And you Pay a fraction of what an internal CMO would cost you, let alone the cost involved with running a complete internet marketing department.

Our company’s baseline offers include free website templates and hosting for a full year on our Hostgator hosting servers, before you have to pay an invoice.

All the way up to Done for you PPC and SEO campaigns designed to keep your prospect and customer pipelines full of hungry buyers ready to increase your company coffers.

We call our Top line service, the Google Domination Package. And we will guarantee ROI on Google Domination, before we start the process.

Why Should You Choose MIMMCO?

MIMMCO is the brainchild of Eliene and Kenneth Ford. They started the company in the spring of 2011, after spending 4 years learning the basics of digital marketing.

And if you want to know about MIMMCO, you need to know a bit about the founders.

The road that led Eliene and Kenneth to create MIMMCO was unique, because we come from 2 different cultures.

Eliene is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kenneth is an American Baby boomer.

And there was little similarity in their backgrounds other than a strong work ethic and a desire to share their unique set of skills with other business owners.

Eliene’s disciplined Catholic school education and close knit family upbringing, provided her the sense and courage to overcome the loss of both her parents by the age of 16.

Eliene was put in a position where the survival of her family as a unit depended on whether she could provide enough money for herself, 3 siblings and an infant niece to survive the initial shock waves generated by the tragic loss of both of her parents in separate car accidents over a one year period in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1985 -’86.

Eliene went to work in hospital administration (data entry) during the day, and finished her high school diploma at night.

Her family was able to remain in the same house that she had lived in with both parents alive, with an infant baby girl and a 12 year old brother and 14 year old sister.

The discipline and can-do spirit that grew as a result of her challenging young adulthood has served Eliene well.

Along with every organization that has been blessed with her presence and work ethic, creative thought process and organizational skill.

While Eliene was developing IT networking and creative skills along with her empathy for all humanity, Kenneth was learning technical business and marketing skills in the fast paced worlds of corporate America and on Main Street USA.

Kenneth’s Path couldn’t have been any more different than Eliene’s

Kenneth graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where he was a student athlete with a B+ GPA.

A BS in History in 1981, suggested the need for additional education or technical training, and Kenneth joined the United State Marine Corps Reserve in order to set a foundation on which that process could evolve.

Kenneth accepted a USMCR commission in August of 1982. As a Marine 2nd LT, Kenneth started a 7 year active duty hitch as a Naval Aviator which concluded with an honorable discharge from the reserves in February of 1996.

Finishing a Master of Science in Business Administration at Boston University one semester after his release from active duty in February, 1989, Kenneth set off to find his way in the “real” world.

Kenneth’s civilian career began on the razor’s edge of the business sword, in corporate sales with Citicorp, when he transitioned to civilian life, in the summer of 1989.

The foundation of selling systems were the topic of an intense 2 year corporate apprenticeship, which Kenneth quickly decided to abandon for the rigors of taking the world head on as a business owner.

In every sense the sales career which began in 1989-90 began an education in survival which continues to this day.

Just as his imagination fueled the desire to become a Naval Aviator, the independent spirit rapidly drove Kenneth into the ranks of Business owners.

He started his 1st business in retail sporting goods in 1991, and still has an active insurance practice running alongside the FlagShip MIMMCO. And there have been several other successful and unsuccessful offerings along the way.

Learning the sales process first on the cutting edge of the elite Fortune 100 corporate level and then in a series of entrepreneurial ventures has ingrained components of the Selling machine into his DNA, and the digital marketing media has had the bulk of his attention since 2008.

For 26 years Kenneth has been working in or on a sales process from lead generation to customer development. The discovery of digital marketing was put on hold until Kenneth began his independent insurance practice in 2006.

Kenneth began using internet generated leads during his rookie year in insurance sales, and was paying anywhere from $7 – $49 per lead to internet marketing specialists.

When Kenneth built his first insurance website in 2007, he naturally began exploring methodology for generating his own internet leads. And developing the technical skills to create digital sales/marketing funnels.

And using facebook PPC, Kenneth was able to drive down that initial lead acquisition cost to as low as $.11/lead, after spending thousands of dollars buying leads from other providers. Often producing new clients for less than half of the cost of acquiring leads from either IMOs or “marketing companies”.

Kenneth soon discovered that he enjoyed the series of little victories involved with internet marketing far more than the arduous process of face to face insurance sales. And the move to full time internet marketing was put in motion.

When EliKen Marketing was founded in 2009, Eliene gravitated toward the site design and creative aspect of the business.

Kenneth set about the task of learning to write marketing copy. From 70 character adwords ads to 15+ page offer letters prototyped by the Perry Belcher/Dan Kennedy models.

We built 100’s of WordPress websites under the avatar of EliKen Marketing, and made 10’s of thousands of dollars in digital information affiliate marketing sales (on top of $100’s of thousands in insurance commissions) before we created MIMMCO (Mass Internet Marketing Media Co., the wordplay on living in Hyannis, Mass.).

And in March of 2011 we started offering consulting and digital services to other business owners.

Eliene does all of the in house website design and manages the outsourced work that MIMMCO handles on both the design and marketing side of the house.

Kenneth handles Sales and marketing along with marketing consultation services.

Chris Guerra provides a Consulting presence on the West Coast.

All other technical and marketing specialists are hired on an as needed basis from proprietary outsourcing companies in the US and off shore.

That’s how the company was founded.

There are some other parts to the story, like how Eliene (Lili) and Kenneth met and fell in love online, as a direct result of an online search engine query, but that’s a tale for another time…

And … no… I won’t lie to you, its’ more than just fun. A CMO is worth a pretty good penny these days, but its definitely more affordable to rent one, than it is to pay for an internet marketing department in house.

In the simplest terms, MIMMCO’s mission in business life is to provide Small to medium size business owners (or managers) with the technical and marketing skill to utilize the internet. A CMO with all the required support.

Without hiring an entire department of 6 – 10 American workers at $250K for the CMO, along with 4 – 8 more bodies at some salary well over the median rate of $52K/year per employee plus benefits.

Which is what competent creative and technical staff will cost you in today’s dollars.

MIMMCO allows you to hire competent staff and management to run your internet marketing campaigns successfully, without spending a $1 million a year on the people to make it actually work.

You can start the process learning with the MIMMCO team by entering your contact information on our Free Website Audit and Marketing Reports page on our website.

Put a comment into the box below your details to let us know what your internet marketing interests or concerns are today in your business.

We’ll take a look at your web site and web presence and make recommendations based on where you are today, and where you want to get to tomorrow in your online marketing.

We’ll arrange a conversation with the President of MIMMCO, Kenneth Ford, or VP Chris Guerra, to discuss your future in internet marketing.

Make sure you get to our Free Website Audit page and get your information into our system. We won’t share your information with anyone else, and you can control the terms of engagement.