Your Website and Social Media Presence – Your Online Location

Your Website and Web Presence Development – Your Virtual Location

Once you have selected a product, or identified a product in your menu of products around which you would like to create an online promotion, you will have to create a landing page on your website that creates an incentive to become a prospect for, or purchase that product.

Gone are the days when you could simply put a website up with your phone number and an explanation of your product or menu of products, and expect that you would be easily found online, and your phone would begin ringing as your revenue soared month over month and year over year.

Your Website Is Your Central Virtual Location

Your website remains the central focal point (location) for your online presence. And your landing pages are the key to conversion, when properly constructed. When combined with an effective follow up system and auto responder sequence, your conversion rates will increase significantly.

However, there are some other necessary components to your web presence. Your Website and social media profiles comprise the overall online location for the generation of new offline revenue. You not only need an informative blog on your website, you need to share that information on the social platforms.

Web 2,0

Regular sharing of interesting content within your niche will help generate the organic traffic you seek with your SEO effort. Furthermore, it will serve to prove your expertise in the market you wish to dominate. The most important social platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Other social sites like Pinterest are becoming more important in the Social mix, but the primary sites enumerated above will get you started on the right path.

Content Creation and Distribution

Additional content distribution sites exist in what the professionals refer to as Web 2.0 sites, like Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress, Hubspot, Squiddoo and other similar websites. These sites are important both as a part of your back link strategy, and as a primary distribution point for the content you create or curate for your website. I am going to address conversions in a stand alone article.

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